Poll Cat vs Dog

Poll, which is the more cute?
I just had to post this larger for people to see. Too cute to pass up on.

(from screenlooking.com )


Mig’s Dog…


(from menino.com/lucy )

Eh, where is the Poll options?

I have know Idea, I did add them? Mig?

There ya go, edited it in for you.

Obviously the SL cat is way more cute! Someday I’ll get a dog, but not until I’m settled down and have the time and space for one. Until recently, I honestly have never been a dog person, but while living in Kelowna I spent a lot of time around Bear, a Brittany crossed with something else. Coolest dog ever, and super smart! Although, any dog that steals frisbees from bikini clad women and brings them to us is a pretty cool dog, he had some other good tricks too, but mainly was just great company to have around.

I have spent almost zero time around Fry, but always see him walking MiG around town. The couple of times I stopped by MiG’s place in the past I was greeted by Fry. At that time I hadn’t ever watched Futurama before, but now it’s very clear he is named Fry. :wink:

The SL cat is wearing its leash improperly… It should be around the cat’s neck while it dangles above the ground…

True Dat

Aww…Cookie the cat (she might have a different name now) has to take my vote! She is one of the sweetest cats ever! I work at the SPCA and I’ve bottlefed her since she was 2 weeks old…just recenly adopted her out to orangetang’s parents… :frowning:, but very happy she has a great home, since I have two of my own cats already. :smile:

By far the dog, Look at him, laying there so cute… Big dog whos friendly who is a people interactive thing. I dunno personally even thou its rupert i love having a big dog thats a wuss behind the doors but is a tought sob if someones trying to break in… like can a cat protect you? or just run up a tree… and Puppys > Kittens and Dogs> Cats - I honestly think cats are dumb… I dunno never been a cat person at all… maybe its cause im alergic to them but i dunno. MY vote is Dog… and Man Golden Retreivers are RAD! cept they get really hairy, which Mig is doing a good job keeping him all shaven and looking rad. Thats my 1 post every 2 months.

The kitten is pretty cute thou :stuck_out_tongue:

But the dog look at that faceeeee

You ever see someone walkin there dog, then the dog does something and the person hits it, or yanks the lease really hard. Id like to put those people on a lease and yank it.

Yeah, kind of makes you want to go over to their house, take your pants off then drag your bare ass all over their nice shiny floor or nice carpet , then smile.

Mig wrote:

Thanks Mig :wink:

the dog is WAY cuter. it’s just laying there chillin’. i guess i’ve never been much of a cat person though. they’re just so…useless. they eat, sleep, poo, and sleep.

Wouldn’t you get some sort of nasty burn doing that??

I have seen a cat sit down and drag it’s ass across the carpet b-4. It must have been wipping or itchy… :astonished:

My Oma’s dog has worms, so oftentimes he pulls himself forward with his ass right on the floor.

Poor new house buyers, they have to clean the floor :laughing:

What a good word that is, oftentimes.

Fry looks nothing like his brother… at least i think they are brothers? :confused:

:unamused: Its called training, punishment and reward are great methods of training.

Like when parents smack their kids when they are being shitheads and give them candy when they behave…

Ever seen an untrained dog? I have they are not fun to deal with.

Thank you (orangetang) for that cute kitten picture, you have inspired our family to get two cute kittens. A little hyper though. We need a leash too I think. :smile: