Police seek assistance in weekend downtown stabbing incident

Prince Rupert’s bar crowd scene got a little more troublesome than usual on the weekend, as a 22 year old male suffered what are described as serious but non-life threatening injuries after an altercation in the 5th Street and Second Avenue West area of the downtown core.

The early morning incident took place after the bars in the area empty out and large crowds congregate in the downtown area, and it is from that large downtown crowd that the RCMP are seeking assistance, looking for information from anyone who may have witnesses the Sunday morning stabbing…

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article atowncalledpodunk.blogspot.com/2 … 9739136515 )-

Man this town is rough!  On Friday night, (sat. morn) my husband was leaving work and saw a guy slam another guy’s head into a wall, then after the guy fell to the ground, the other guy kicked him in the head!  A cop came running to the scene, and it was taken care of quickly, but my husband said that it was probably the worst attack he’d ever seen in real life or on the news excluding the LA riots.

This isn’t some little hamlet that we live in, free from violent crime. It’s all around us, we just choose not to see it. Most people in this town have no clue. They are completely ignorant. When it does come to their attention they freak out and act like things are worse than they’ve ever been.

It’s always been here, people.

Was that just outside of the Commercial?

It seems like there’s been a lot more violent attacks here lately… or maybe I’m just hearing about them more often.  Either way… I know a lot of these attacks have been related to the wonderful drug scene we have here.

The Bar scene has become quite the gong show over the last number of years, on some Friday or Saturday nights the intersection at Tim Hortons looks like a riot zone looking for a place to happen.

Folks fighting in the streets, blocking the street and such, it all does seem a tad unmanageable at times…

Of course when you’ve reduced your police force by eight members and pretend not much is going on, it’s only natural that things occassionaly will be spinning out of control.

Add in the influx of drugs and the usual bravado that bar closings brings on and it’s probably best to call it a night about an hour before the bars close, unless of course watching drunks duke it out on the streets and bust up a windows is your kind of thing… 

But your right there Mike, most folks have no idea what goes on downtown late in the evening, especially it would seem the folks on council…

“Bar Crowd” has been a problem since my parents moved here in 1970. It has always been a problem, it just ebbs and flows and bit. Every few years people get all concerned about it, but nothing is really ever done. In the past they have put additional police resources on the problem but you are right… there are no resources to do that now that we are down to bare bones policing. The problem will never go away in a town with it’s downtown core saturated with bars and beer and wine stores.

Thankfully most people don’t put themselves in situations where the odds are they will experience violent crime. Just because it’s not happening to you though, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Yeah,. I think so… Johnny B’s?  I’m still new here, so I don’t know exactly what’s where…  I’ll ask the hubby when he gets home from work.

Oh, and Crazy Mike.  I moved here from Nanaimo, which is a pretty rough town.  (no one can deny that) and I’m surprised how rough it is here.  But if I never had a late-night job, I might never had noticed it here.  Now that I don’t work late nights, I’m not as exposed to it, but my husband still is, so I get updates.  I plan on staying in late at night during the ANT.