Police scanners

so I got a police scanner, does anyone have the frequencies for the po po, all i keep getting is skeena cabs…lol…

Astro, I believe that Teddy at Teddy’s has it or Jim does . I know they used to have it good luck. Good show tonight a Performing Arts or Lester Centre… Rita Chirelli great Blues guitar and singer from Hamilton will be performing seriously great stuff… I love great stuff.

You can find the frequencies for the RCMP on the internet. I dont remember what site it is exactly but thats where I got mine from.

I did a quick search and came up with this site which might be a start:


Jim has the scanner hooked up online. You can listen to it through windows media player. You’ll just have to ask him what the address is. I lost it when my harddrive went.

Thats cool I never knew that. Whos Jim? I well go and ask him or if someone hear has the address that would be great!

thanks Mike its I had to sign up for it. :unamused: but its all good…

Jim’s the man! He’ the installer at Teddy’s he’s everything communications that guy.

Just use your computer:


I know my Dad has an old scanner. It’s got the fire department on it too. He’s probably forgotten the frequencies though.

139.250 is the RCMP repeater. 139.410 used to be the main freq for Rupert and you still hear stuff on that occasionally. But most traffic is 139.250.

What make/model of scanner do you have? I have many other local freqs, but reception of them might depend on what your scanner can receive.

Anyone have any old ones or know of anyone who has one they want to sell? I am looking to expand my collection.

i have the uniden bc72XLT thanks trying to set them… thanks

thanks so much when i do my scans it would by-pass the small numbers, I have it set, I would like the fire and ambulance and any other ones…

thanks again

Looks like your Bearcat can do air freqs too.

128.0 is Vancouver Center
134.8 also Vancouver
131.2 Alaska ATC
122.5 is Rupert Air stuff
133.4 is also some air traffic
127.3 Anchorage center, it is faint but sometimes I get stuff on that.
160.11 Rupert fire 1
159.15 Rupert fire 2
156.55 Vessel Traffic
156.8 Channel 16 VHF Marine
156.925 Marine 78a

Ambulance stuff I do not listen to. It is in my scanner software on my laptop at work, but I don’t have that loaded into this scanner at the moment. You should be able to find that online pretty easily though. Hope that helps.

so cool thank you… its very cool… I want to get a better scanner tht hooks up to a comp… maybe in the new year…

again thank you  :smiley:

VMS if you have a desktop scanner is the antenna on the outside of the house? do you need any special bnc cables or antenna…


I find all my computer equipment interferes with my reception when using the scanner near my desk…

I have a couple of handhelds. A Pro-97 and old Pro-38 and a really old desktop scanner that I never use as it is all but useless by todays standards. I should probably get rid of it.

The Pro-97 is programmable via computer as it is 1000 channels and has alpha tagging of channels so I can know at a glance what the scanner is receiving. Easier to put in the alpha tags with the software then upload it to the scanner.

The Pro-38 is only 10 channels. I only have a few ham freqs and RCMP in that one.
I did buy a longer whip antenna for the 97 and I do get slightly better reception with it. For example the WX (automated weather) frequencies. With the standard rubber duck I can only get one, with the whip I can pick up two. I can pickup more on the marine VHF bands too with the whip.

You can put a VHF antenna on your house you just need some good cable with a BNC connector on the end and it should connect right to your scanner. I built a VHF antenna and I got the parts when the Source was still Radio Shack. I don’t use that one very often though.

How much better the reception would be with a different antenna I don’t know. You might want to ask other owners that have your model of Bearcat.

I used to have the same problem with interference when using my scanners around my computers. I had two computers in the same room and the RF shielding in the PC’s was poor as well as from CRT monitors.

Once I got rid of one PC and went to an LCD monitor things got better. Now I have just an iMac and it appears to be fairly well shielded and I don’t seem to get much RF trouble from it with my scanner close by.

can someone tell me what the automated weather freq is so i can punch it in my old scanner. thanks.

try www.shoutcast.com  it has ploice scanners from around the world you casn even listen to campus cops in the usa in search area type police scanner

Some of these may no longer exist or be in error. My confirmed list seems to be missing. Something to start with.

122.5000       PRINCE RUPERT           AIR              FLIGHT  SERVICES
128.0000       PRINCE RUPERT           AIR              ATC (VANCOUVER)
138.2100       PRINCE RUPERT           RCMP             TACT
139.1400       PRINCE RUPERT           RCMP             TACT   3 CH  J
139.1850       PRINCE RUPERT           RCMP             TACT   4 CH  K
139.2150       PRINCE RUPERT           RCMP             TACT   5 CH  L
139.2450       PRINCE RUPERT           RCMP             DISP   RPTR A (CITY)
142.2450       PRINCE RUPERT           FISHERIES
143.4150       PRINCE RUPERT EAST      HYWYS  REG  5    HYWYS   (TERRACE)
143.4450       PRINCE RUPERT           HYWYS  REG  5    HYWYS   (TERRACE)
143.7600       PRINCE RUPERT           RCMP             RPTR   (TERRACE)
143.7900       PRINCE RUPERT           FISHERIES        RPTR
146.8800       PRINCE RUPERT           AMATEUR  RPTR    VE7RPR
146.9400       PRINCE RUPERT           AMATEUR  RPTR    VE7RKI  (TEMP)
148.0600       PRINCE   RUPERT         LIGHTHOUSE       RPTR
148.7050       PRINCE RUPERT
149.4950       PRINCE RUPERT           EMERGENCY        PEP F4
149.6800       PRINCE RUPERT           AMBULANCE        EHS CH1
149.8900       PRINCE RUPERT           AMBULANCE        EHS F5
150.4850       PRINCE RUPERT           COMM’L
151.8650       PRINCE RUPERT           COMM’L           B C PACKERS
152.5400       PRINCE RUPERT           PHONE            BC  TEL  YL
153.7700       PRINCE RUPERT           FIRE             DISP
153.8300       PRINCE RUPERT           FIRE             DISP
155.9400       PRINCE RUPERT           TAXI             SKEENA CABS
156.2000       PRINCE RUPERT           MARINE CH  04A   CCG SHIP-SHORE
156.5500       PRINCE RUPERT           MARINE CH 11     VESSEL TRAFFIC
156.5750       PRINCE RUPERT           MARINE CH 71     VESSEL TRAFFIC
156.8000       PRINCE RUPERT           MARINE CH 16     SAFETY AND CALLING
157.1000       PRINCE RUPERT           MARINE CH 22A    ZCG ALXILIARY
160.2150       PRINCE RUPERT           TRAINS           CP RAIL
160.6650       PRINCE RUPERT           TRAINS           CNR YARD CH 4
160.7850       PRINCE RUPERT           TRAINS           CP-CN CH 20
160.9350       PRINCE RUPERT           TRAINS           CP-CN F3
161.1450       PRINCE RUPERT           TRAINS           CP-CN CH 84
161.4150       PRINCE RUPERT           TRAINS           CP-CN Fl
161.6500       PRINCE RUPERT           MARINE  CH 22B   CCG WEATHER
161.7750       PRINCE RUPERT           MARINE  CH 83    CCG
161.8250       PRINCE RUPERT           MARINE  CH 84    CCG DUPLEX
163.7100       PRINCE RUPERT           PAGING           T.A.S
163.8300       PRINCE RUPERT           FORESTRY         PTR
163.8900       PRINCE RUPERT           FORESTRY         RPTR Fl
163.9950       PRINCE RUPERT           FORESTRY         RPTR F3 (GREEN)
167.0700       PRINCE RUPERT           FORESTRY         FORESTRY
168.2100       PRINCE RUPERT
168.6600       PRINCE RUPERT           COMM’L           BC PACKERS
169.9500       PRINCE RUPERT           FORESTRY         RPTR Ll
172.9800       PRINCE RUPERT           COMM’L           BC PACKERS
224.5800       PRINCE RUPERT           AMATEUR  RPTR    VE7RPR
414.6375       PRINCE RUPERT           RCMP             LINK   TO MT HAYS
4!9.1125       PRINCE RUPERT           CCG              LINK   MT HAYES
419.5375       PRINCE RUPERT           BC TH            LINK
419.6375       PRINCE RUPERT           RCMP             LINK   MT HAYS
450.9500       PRINCE RUPERT           MEDIA            CHTK LINK TO DIGBY
451.0000       PRINCE RUPERT           TRAINS           CNR
461.0375       PRINCE RUPERT           FISHERIES        RPTR