Police investigating "historical homicide"

RCMP investigating ‘historical homicide’ - The Globe and Mail bit.ly/lrgVX

“RCMP have today converged on a property west of Prince George to begin a search related to a “historical homicide” investigation, but won’t provide additional details such as whether this is linked to the so-called highway of tears case involving the disappearance of 18 women since the 1970s.”

According to Opinion 250 in PG, the investigation is in regard to the disappearance of Nicole Hoar

opinion250.com/blog/view/138 … icole+hoar

PG Citizen also had some info on the investigation but hadn’t discovered the connection to any name yet

princegeorgecitizen.com/2009 … ierre.html

From The Province: “Could a serial killer be roaming Highway 16?”  bit.ly/WMHHf

“RCMP hope property search will bring ‘Highway of Tears’ breakthrough” -  http://bit.ly/163Sfx

I am sure that many family and friends would love to have some ending to such a horrible crime. It has affected many human beings just here in the North. To see such things which are happening in this world like the young lady who was kidnapped so many years ago and to be able to resurface as of late. Our world is troubled in so many ways.

I hope that the RCMP get a break through in this case, that would be welcome news indeed!

Some interesting stuff on opinion250.com
The search relates to the disappearance of Nicole Hoar, the property belongs to a guy in jail for murdering his own brother 2 days after her disappearance (spec: did he walk in on something?)
Unlike the others, Nicole was not native.
There’s also a follow up with the PI who looked into things a couple years back and doesn’t believe one person is responsible for all.
opinion250.com/blog/view/138 … ds+results?

I agree,  so far it spans over 40 years, lets say 1 person started when they were 19. That is 59 years old at the last known victim. Of course a gun would be a leveler of age in an abduction. But unfortunately I feel there is more than one person doing this.

The RCMP have put much effort into this case over the last few years, the rumors have kept it alive on the streets so just knowing they are doing this dig may help some families. When you hear of sick people like the guy who kidnapped that young lady so many years ago and he calls it a heart warming story, that is scary shit. I believe that it is someone in a suit who travels alot in the area.