Podunkians join the rest of Canada standing in a flu shot line

The line up was long on Thursday as Rupertites grabbed their space of floor to take part in day one of the Northern Health flu vaccine clinic at the Rupert Square. And the promise of a full day on Friday is probably guaranteed now, as Northern health posted to their website late Thursday that the Saturday session planned from 11 to 4 has been cancelled.

With the H1N1 virus apparently making a rather forceful visit just to the east in Kitimat, it seemed at times on Thursday that almost anyone who wanted a flu shot was flocking to the Rupert Square Mall. The line up as captured in a Northern View picture (see above) snaked around the upper level of the Mall, all but hiding the Royal Bank from view. Likewise, the parking lot of the upper level resembled the kind of traffic flow that could be found during the week before Christmas…

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