even though they are about the same size!

hmmmmm . . .

I replied to a thread in the wasteland, but a new topic was created in the original sub-forum, from my reply?

I would go JPEG, I never even heard of png

Png is lossless like GIF.  Totally different than Jpeg which is lossy.

Billy if you haven’t heard of something, how can you express an opinion on it?

Well, mostly. Gifs are limited to a 256 color palette, while PNG has no output color limitations whatsoever. Both are lossless for sure, but one just has a hugely restricted color palette. :smile:

Especially on the web nowadays, PNG is my choice. By far. Gif is getting increasingly antiquated.

I said

It’s not “well, mostly.”  It is lossless like GIF.

PNG’s better than GIF for sure, but it the statement “PNG is lossless like GIF” is 100% true, not just “mostly.” :wink:

Wonk wonk wonk. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I stand behind my words.

If you bring a photo into Photoshop, for example, or perhaps create a graphic from scratch, then go to Save-As > Gif: It will degrade it down to 256 colors. Thus a “loss” of color information.

Not with PNG.

The only exception is if you create the graphic by hand and begin with, and work within the confines of the 256 color palette.

Lossy or lossless doesn’t refer to conversion, it refers to the compression algorithm.

GIF and PNG are both lossless, in that when you uncompress one, it’s the exact same as the original.  Sort of like a ZIP file.

and … nge_Format

“GIF images are compressed using the Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) lossless data compression technique to reduce the file size without degrading the visual quality.”

There ya go.

You’re talking about converting one data format to another, that’s not about data compression.

That’s not right either,  converting a file into PNG will result in degradation.  If I go out and shoot a RAW file, then open it in photoshop and save it as a PNG, Later on, I can’t open that PNG and get the original RAW file back. 

See the difference between compression and conversion? 

You’re thinking that lossy and lossless refer to the conversion, but they don’t.  They refer to the compression. 

The original statement “PNG is lossless like GIF” is 100% correct, and when you said “well, mostly” that’s not accurate.

PNG wont degrade the picture but will have a bigger file size. JPEG will compress the picture, which means slightly lower quality but less space used.

I like the fact that you can control the compression on JPEGs. I set mine to 1-5 compression factor, the resulting pic uses 10x less space, and the difference can usually only be seen when the picture is zoomed in.

I usually only use PNG on 2D pictures, a 2D pic never needs to be JPEG.
If you convert anything into anything, whether it be photos/music/video, quality will go down each time.

That’s right, PNG is meant to replace GIF (Png is Not Gif), not Jpeg.