Please vote for Trump

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Hahahahahahahahaha, that’s awesome!

Yeah I had to post that elsewhere, the hate mail’s already pouring in.
Wonder if Horgan will base the whole campaign on
You people triple deleted emails off an actual government server! You’re THE DEVIL

Speaking of Donald Trump, this is a True Story. round 1996 or so, I was driving with my wife across the desert, to Los Vegas.

We had a flat tire about an hour east of Las Vegas. There wasn’t any traffic at all on the road we were using, and the sun was starting to go down.

My wife managed to help me install the jack and raise the car, but we couldn’t budge the tire screw.

Then a limousine pulled up and a guy got out of the back and helped us. With his help we were able to put on the duffy tire and get back on the road.

Just wondered about that story, was the guy driving the limo? Because you know, you have to know how to change a tire to get a limo license in these parts.
And FYI they’re called lug nuts. And you loosen them BEFORE you jack the car up.

The idiots in the US actually did it. God only knows how this will effect us here and the rest of Canada.

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4 years of an orange idiot running the US, please lets build a wall and keep him out of Canada, God help the Americans

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O Canada! I am very thankful that we live in a great country. I feel a lot of empathy for my brothers and sisters south of the border.


A good read.


to all those Sanders supporters that didn’t vote congrats you got something worse, wait until Trump waters down the environmental regulations, hope they are happy now :slight_smile:

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I’m just pissed they pre-empted all regular tv progamming to show The Great American Brain Fart.
I’ve never woke up wanting to barf after watching NCIS

Ye Gods.

He’s certainly presidential…