Please update your passwords and e-mail addresses

It seems someone is systematically trying to guess passwords on this site.

To make sure you don’t fall victim to these idiots, please do the following:

  1. Make sure your password is not a word found in a dictionary. If it is, change it now by clicking here. Even something as simple as adding a number to a password will make it more difficult to guess.

  2. Make sure your e-mail address (in your profile) is valid and up to date. If your account is disabled for any reason, this is the only way you can reset it. Check this now by clicking here to check your profile.

  3. Finally, if you’re tired of entering your password over and over, and doing the CAPTCHA, you can login in permanently by clicking on login on the top menu, and then selecting “Log me on automatically each visit”.

Done! Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: They keep trying my account, well everyone’s… I think lol :stuck_out_tongue:

How can u tell if someone is trying to use your account? Remember, talk human - complete computer dud here!

If you see the CAPTCHA (where it asks your to type in a couple of random words), it means that your account has had 3 bad password attempts. Like this:

Also, make sure you click on “Log me on automatically each visit” – that way you won’t have to enter your password all the time.

Finally, make sure the e-mail address in your profile is accurate and active. If your account has any problems, that’s the best way to re-activate it. I can’t stress this bit enough. I know there are people on HTMF who have invalid e-mail addresses, and they’re going to find out the hard way that they’re locked out of their accounts.

If you signed up with a fake e-mail address (for privacy and anonymity reasons), then go create a new gmail address or something to be used with only with HTMF. Don’t use hotmail :smile:

whom ever is trying was trying to hack mine!! I was trying to log in and got the msg above. Password is now changed!
thanks Mig