Please tell me there are other people out there

We just moved into a new house, and SURPRISE!!! our roof is leaking and we have MICE!  I walked into my (very dirty) kitchen half an hour ago to see a mouse skitting away from me.  I shrieked just like any self-respecting woman would as it ran behind my counters.  IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!  That’s it, my cats are fired!!!

Now tell me, please… any of you out there with old houses in Rupert… are you sharing any of my problems?

I dont own a home  i rent but have the same issues with MICE

Roof’s in Rupert are notoriously short lived due due to wind and rain. And I suspect the problems are not limited to old homes!!

Depending on where the leak is, it may simply be a matter of getting up there with some roof patch material… but be warned it can be tricky finding the source of the leak. I was lucky with the last leak I dealt with… flashing by the chimney was noticeably the source.  

As for mice… yeah they seem to enjoy warm dry accomodations as well. My suggestion is to stick with old fashioned traps until your cats get their mouser instincts going. Take a look around the house to see if there are obvious spots where the mice can come in from outdoors. Amazing how small a crevice they can squeeze through. Caulk cracks or stuff them with steel wool.

We tried pellets that we were told would dry out the mice after eating and they would seek sources of water outside … worked like a hot damn… except years later during renovations… I discoverd dried out meese carcasses in the ceiling… thus the advice to use the old fashioned traps… disgusting to clean out but at least you know they are gone.

Hopefully the mice will decide not to chance living where cats are living and they will move out shortly!!! Good Luck…

Are you on the east or west side of town lol  ???

Speak~YEah, thanks for all the tips, and since I actually have a pesticide certificate dispensing licence, I have to say that it truely sounds like you know what you’re talking about!

Bandit~  I live on the GOOD side of town (which side is that again?)


I still have to come find you.

Well the only good side Princess is the E A S T side lol and no mice here lol

Okay, I live on the East side… but… Aren’t Graham and Atlin the nice streets, and they’re on the West side?

who said that !!!

Just because they’re pretty expensive houses, doesn’t mean theyre nice.

Kidding, I love all of Rupert.

Herb Pond and my doctor :stuck_out_tongue:

lol cute

actually, besides the roof, the mice, and the sugar ants (which I didn’t mention before), I actually think this is a nice house.  And we have some water view, so that makes it that much nicer.

My household also has a Mice problem :frowning: for the past 2 years in a row during the fall months and late into the winter months they come out :open_mouth: and I have a cat too! (darn thing doesn’t have his radar on or something :smiley:) JK LOL

The mice aren’t really a big problem 'cause I just pwn 'em with an old dictionary, or old school traps.

The two other things I have a fight with daily are the little crawling things, (They run away so fast!!! they’re also silver and can camouflage themselves with the environment around them :O)

  • and the “No-See-'ems”?


Oh my!  I HATE silver fish!!!  YUCK!

Okay, so I have set out a couple of traps… I’m just waiting to hear the “snap!”  Wish me luck!

Yay for Princess Mouse-a-lot


No problems here. The occasional ant every now and then, but that’s been cleared up for a long time now.

Good luck destroying the enemy mice, as cute as they are.

I haven’t ever seen an ant around my place. Maybe because I’m on a rock.

The only mice I find are dead ones, either on the doorstep or back yard…
One of my four cats takes care of them eventually…lol