Please let me pay to use your Skype!

Hello Prince Rupert,

I am working on a fishing boat and need some help. I have the opportunity to land a great job during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver but need to complete an interview before I can be hired. The problem is that, per company policy, the interview must be done face-to-face. The company has agreed that a video interview over Skype would suffice, but I do not have any access to a computer with video capabilities (the P.R. library, nor Javadotcup, offer webcams).

So here’s the deal: I will be in Prince Rupert in early August (on or before the 3rd) and hope to complete the interview then. If it has Skype and necessary audio/video capabilities, I would be happy to pay $20-50 to use your computer. It should not last longer than 30 mins, and can be done wherever you choose.

Please email or phone 971-227-2304 if you are interested.


Kris at Good Times Games might be able to set this up for you. 622-2665

I think the skills centre can set you up for an interview…they do that sort of thing there - and its probably free

Or I can use my hookups & make an appointment with the City Hall Technical Department, then he’ll be video chatting over Fiber Optic :smiley: