Please help us locate our dog Daizie

Please help us find Daizie. She went missing from the West side area this morning, Monday, December 27, 2010.

She is a friendly Pomeranian/Maltese who’s beige with white markings. We are extremely heartbroken and really want her to come back home to us. Please contact us if you have found her or have any information.

(250)600-2689 or (250)600-2688

the west side is a pretty large section of town. Could you be a little more specific?

She was initially missing from the Kootenay area, but may have travelled further by now. I have some neighbours and friends around the area helping keep a watchful eye and no sign so far.

Is she wearing a collar or any other ID? Tattoo or chip? There are alot of kids out playing in the snow , maybe she joined in the fun and someone took her in for the night. Have you left a message with the SPCA and the vets’ office or tried the wildlife shelter as someone may have picked her up? I know she will come home, it is just so hard when they are out of sight for awhile. Keep us posted and good luck !

Has your darling Daizie shown up yet?

No, she hasn’t yet :'( I’ve notified every source I could think of and I’m going to continue on with the search for her. Please let me know if you see or here anything at all. Thank you.

Nothing yet? Aww man…it has been so cold up there…and the snow is so deep, the poor little Munchkin!!!