Please help us choose a new TV (LCD? Plasma?)

We want to buy a new T.V. Please help us decide what is the best T.V.
HDTV…LCD…I’ve gone on line but just want some good advice.
I am old school and need some direction and " useful " info on the new Tech.
Those of you who already have the new flatscreens , your consumer reporting here is much appreciated.
P.S. speak the language I will understand… thanks in advance to all…

I’m in the same boat as you.  I’m presently saving up for a HD TV.  I really like the Sharp Aquos and am currently leaning in that direction.

If you buy one Hitest, please keep me updated okay…thanks

Okay, will do.  :smile:

We’ve owned a Sony Bravia LCD tv for two years now, no complaints.

We’ve got an LCD and a Plasma in our house.  There’s good and bad points for both of them.

The LCD is good for any room, but the Plasma is really only good for a really dark room. (you’ll at least need curtains in the room when it’s sunny out-but really a plasma is better for a dark basement)

I’ve heard that that plasma eats more energy, but apparently that has been corrected the past couple of years with new models.

Overall, the plasma looks better, but the average person shouldn’t “mount” a plasma, as it’s supposed to be done professionally.  So, if you have something good to stand it on, then that’s great, otherwise you’ll have to hire someone to put it on your wall.  The LCD is okay to be mounted by anyone.

Turn down the backlight on your LCD to save energy as well.  Most of these TVs come with the backlight set to 100%, so they look bright and crisp in a brightly-lit store.  But your living room isn’t Costco. 

I hooked up a Kill-a-watt to my LCD to see how much electricity it was using.  At 100% backlight, it was using just under 500 watts.  Nuts!  At 30% backlight, the difference in brightness isn’t even perceivable (unless the sun is shining right into the TV).  But it dropped the power use to about 100 watts or so.

how do you turn down the backlight?

Usually in the TV’s display menu?

My parents own a Toshiba Regza, i loved it so much i went out and bought one.

99% of tv’s out of the box are set to vivid, OR 100% max brightness,  now a days it will now ask you is this store use or home use.

I’m a samsung fan / lcd ONLY fan, plazma flicker’s :frowning:


I have a Panasonic Viera 42" Plasma in my living room and I have no complaints about it whats so ever. Also a 22" Toshiba LCD DVD combo in the bedroom with no complaints either with that.

I’m diggin the info that some of you have posted so far…alot of people read these forums but don’t comment…
come’ on… let’s here from ya… this could be a very helpful post for alot of other people and you the consumer tell it like is …gimme some facts people… :wink:

Well alittle bit more about my TV’s, if you have blue ray and want to take full advantage of it, dont go with my Panasonic TV because it’s only a 720p. However I do have a blue ray player and the picture still looks pretty good. It has 2 HDMI ports in the back and one in the front. The 22" Toshiba is great if you have lack of space or just dont want to have something extra sitting in your bedroom.

here’s an article just published on this subject: … &date=True

Best I can do for you:

LCD TV Reviews

Plasma TV Reviews

i don’t agree i mounted mine just fine . i consider myself an average DIY’er just takes some common sense.

buying the right lcd or plasma just make sure its 1080p not i then you get best quality and get the the biggest you can fit in your  room because 42’ to 50 ’ isnt much different in price. pays to shop online too get best price

I mount up to 6 a day. Not really that hard, single arm needs one stud, doubble extended arm needs 2 studs.  Mounting plasma -LCD is no different.

If it’s a flush mount, no need for studs just use butterfly anchors.

The only difference between plasma tv’s and LCD tv, the god dam plasmas need 2 people to lift them onto the wall!!!

Thanks Princess…

Thanks…good info on whats out there… just have to figure out which one…ugh