PLEASE HELP Nunavut food bank

HELP NEEDED: OK, so I’m sure people have seen the story, at some point about the people in Nunavut and their food crisis. Paying as much as $104 for a case of water, $11 for small peanut butter, etc. I had researched on how to help the people and there are some people sponsoring families, which is great, but very costly to maintain monthly and shipping is CRAZY!

I found the Qayuqtuvik Society (Iqaluit Soup Kitchen) who help and do everything they can for the people there. Funds are always month to month, so I messaged them and asked if they could set up a Gofundme account, so we can donate cash directly to them, since they are doing great things and could do more, I’m sure if funds allowed and secured. Tonight they messaged me and the account is set up!!!

I will be donating on payday, but I’m excited to sharing the page, with hopes that others will help support their cause. You can also join their facebook page: or check it out if you want to see more information.

PLEASE SHARE the link - good Karma. No amount too small - Thank You!

Huffington Post did a few stories on this community: … 23570.html … 23568.html

Visa, MasterCard and now Visa Debit available as options of donations on gofundme.

So people live by choice in a place where food is expensive and you want me to give them money because that food is expensive? Don’t think so.