Playstation 3

40 gig Sony play station 3 with 1 controller, works perfectly.


just checking if u still have it, and how can i get ahold of you?

Sorry it just sold.

don’t post it unless you have no buyers lined up next time

Probably had nobody lined up so put in on here IDIOT

if he or she had buyers lined up why would it be posted in the for sale forum?!

Let us take a moment to look at the information we have.

  1. The Post was made October 30th

  2. Guy posts on November 3rd inquiring if its still sold.

  3. Doing math, we see that there are a few days in between those two dates. Plenty of time in which the Playstation 3 could have sold.

  4. If he/she had buyers, it was probably over the few days that the auction sat dormant.

Just a few little observations, before you all go harassing him/her because you are slow.