Planning on visiting in the summer

my friends boyfriend comes to prince rupert once a year to fish or sometyhing and she invited me to come stay with her for a week or two and was wondering what it’s like over there, i’m from vancouver and i’ve never been before but i wanna expirence life outside the city. so i’m wondering how the locals are and how they react to city kids and suck, and what’s there to do, etc etc…


Well I believe they have summer classes in English Second Language and maybe Bent on Phonics . Do you have spellcheck ? It is a Lovely Place though .

As for things to do:  MOUNTAIN BIKE

I would suggest you to pick up this BIKE: … 251.0.html

The bike can be Viewed/Demo’d in Vancouver.  It is very near Granville Island, near West 7th.

Buy the bike and bring it up to Rupert (from whence it came), learn to ride it for a few weeks, then bring it back down to Vancouver and rip up the North Shore trails!

High Five!

great place to hike as there are plenty of trails. Rent kayak or canoe to check out the local lakes. Make sure you get a chance to rip to terrace as there are plenty of wildlife to see:)

Not to mention the animals along the side of the road… :unamused:

locals hey…to give you an idea and RCMP guy I know gave me this figure

the next major centre from rupert is a place called Terreace,. they have twice the population or Prince Rupert, and Rupert get’s twice the amount of calls…needless to say the locals like to have a good time. 

It may not be double but if you count Thornhill it is more.


Thornhill - 4,002

rupert pumps its stats by including outlying villages.  there are only like 300-400 people that actually live there in Prince Rupert year round.

You would be correct except that the Terrace RCMP have Kitwanga, thornhill, new and old remo, as well as kitsum kalum.  so back to my original point, which wasn’t actually to argue about numbers, it was a point about the party life here.