Planned Power outages

Does anyone know when the planned power outages are for some areas in Rupert?  If its tonight or Monday night?

It’s sunday night/monday morning, or in about ten minutes… power down now… :smiley:



maybe im :smiley: not in that area has all the latest announcments regarding outages, plus they have a map on the affected areas

Yep - the hydro site is the place to check, except when they have the wrong streets posted for the outages.  When we called to confirm where it was going out we were told west of McBride from 6th West to the waterfront.  That was for Sunday night, and we didn’t lose power on Saturday or Sunday, but we live in the ‘hood’ on the east side. :wink:

Why exactly were they planning a power outage?  I assume it’s to do some work on the lines or equipment. but I’m curious about the details.