Places to rent in rupert

Looking to rent somewhere from June to December, and having trouble finding a good website/source of rental info. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I’m looking for a one bedroom or room in a house. No preference currently as to furnished or non.

lots of empty apartments and i think the real estate office keeps a list of rentals also

  Rents are very high right now and some apartments are not fit to be lived in but some people that move here seasonally are finding they can negotiate reasonable rates at the hotels. Parkside, Neptune, Pacific Inn or the Aleeda may be your best bet. Stay clear of Raffles…Oh, and of course The Highliner for either apartments or hotel rooms.  Some GREAT views there …Good Luck and keep us posted  :smiley:   It has been almost 2 years since we were evicted from Digby for “renovations” and it appears since one fella stayed living there that they have done absoluely nothing.  Imagine the income that building could have netted from people searching for temp. housing .  Might have solved two problems, rental vacancies in Rupert and paying for Digbys’ utilities for all this time…Tax right off, I suppose… :unamused:

macro properties has furnished and unfurnished units.

thanks for the responses, i’ll check em out (and avoid the bad ones)

Inlander is empty… :imp: