Pizza question

I ordered a large pizza from zorba’s last night and it cost 27.95.  Have they increased the prices there?

Just for you. :imp:

Hey  I ordered one and they didn’t charge me a thing, thanks billy :imp:

its the new 2 for 1 first call pays full price second call gets it free luck of the draw what caller you are :smiley:

Last year larges went up by three bucks I think it was…

But paying 27 bucks for 2 large pizzas is pretty goddamed good isnt it?

That is a real good price tag for a Zaaa.

if it was 2 pizzas but by the sounds of it he got one pizza

LOL that’s his fault then… It IS two for one… :unamused:

It IS Billy though…

QFT  :smiley:

LOL Yes, you have a good point…

2 for 1 used to be that what ever of the two pizza’s you order has the higher price, that’s what u pay.

Also, when you are in Terrace, order from Checkers.  Very tasty pizza and try there super XXX hot-wings.  OMG those are friggen hot.