Pizza Hut Jingle

Since my reactions to the Pizza Hut Jingle seems to be shared by some HTMF’s … thought it would be fun to provide the owners of pizza hut with feedback on the effectiveness of their marketing.

As we all know HTMF polls have long been accepted as scientific and statistically valid marketing research.

hot fresh fast fresh hot fresh fast fresh !      uhhh  why does it take an hour and its pretty much cold when it gets here tooo  take it off the air already    its been way too long  :astonished:

Thankfully I now have digital and no longer have to endore that Pizza Hut jingle.
At work I still hear it and it drives me crazy.
The pizza is bland and dry…  and it arrives cold…  I won’t give them my business.

And if you aren’t sure where to direct your complaints:

Call 62-PIZZA Call 62-PIZZA  Call 62-PIZZA  Call 62-PIZZA

LOL who the hell voted “run out and buy pizza hut pizza?”

wheres the who flipping cares vote?

Me! Muahaha.

After we hear that on the radio - my 4yr old sings it for an hour…then whines cause I wont order pizza for dinner :stuck_out_tongue:

For that reason, the pizza hut ad drives me to go postal :wink:  however it is effective marketing cause I will never forget their number- no matter how hard I try!!

Hehe… interesting concept…evertime we hear that jingle  phone and politely suggest they remove it from the air waves?

I hit the mute button every time I go to Ch. 11.

If you are really bored or have a few minutes to kill, go to channel 11, hit the mute button, and read the ads…amazing that the companies paying for them don’t complain!

Terraces, dinning, dayly, convince > convenience…just a few of the typos!  Lots more!  How many can you find?

This thread is dangerous.

While doing mindless chores today this stupid number kept running through my head.  Not the jingle - just the number.  And I have never called it!

I am proud to say I have never heard the jingle.  I’m so happy I have digital cable and never have to go to channel 11. :smiley:

And that’s just ONE ad!!!  The one for the Coast Inn of the West is the worst of them all, print and speech.  The person talking even pronounces things wrong!!

Ahhh that’s typical for around here, the business’s have to hire a bunch of undereducated people due to the fact that they can’t afford to pay them what there worth,  due to the cost of land taxes and other costly expenses of running a business in Prince Rupert .

no other town / city , crushes more businesses than Prince Rupert  :cry: