Check it out guys, I’m currently doing a project for the company that makes this software in Victoria. It’s pretty cool, it allows you to share your images pretty easliy. I know most people here don’t have a problem sharing their images, but it’s pretty cool for users who don’t want to e-mail their images or who are unable to create a website to display them. You can add me to your contact list, my e-mail address is in my info.

Post your comments and questions and whatnot…


That looks pretty neat.


Looks neat, like a Windows version of iPhoto?



Yeah it is very similar to iPhoto, but I don’t think the developers were looking to make a Windows clone of it when they started creating it.

Does iPhoto have instant messaging built in?


So… did anyone really try this? It’s cool, I have all of my pictures on there, plus some new ones.

Try it out… use my MSN e-mail in my profile to add me to your contacts and my albums will come up, I’m always online. MSN me if you guys have any questions.


I know this is an old post but i would like to ask you a few questions about your work on this project. thanks…