Pingss but won't surf

Weird one last 2 days. Thier Internet stopped working on 2 computers.
Connection says secured, no Internet, won’t surf, Gets UP, can access DSL modem fine, CMD prompt you can ping.
No spyware/viruses.
Took her laptop home, hooks up fine and surfs, Updated it, full virus scan overnight.
Doesn’t work there again today. flushdns, factory reset their modem as it is the common denominator. No good.
Connect to mu iphone - works fine. So I replaced DSL modem with an unused one Telus sent me a while ago… same damn thing.
All day on the phone w Telus… swore they reprogrammed port, still nothing. They wanted me to hang around until they booked a visit but I sure cant bill an old couple for 8 damn hours on Telus’s problem.
She just called me to tell me they called to make the appt, but the agent could not hear her, called again and couldn’t hear, called again on her Koodo cell and couldn’t hear that either, Obviously I could hear her fine.
LIke WTF???

Would love to troubleshoot that one.

You can ping? Like

ping 1.1

and what does it do? Without any more data, sounds like a DNS issue. Like try setting her dns to and see what happens.

Is this a Windows issue? Can other computers surf on that network like a Linux or mac laptop, desktop?

Sorry for the absense…
a new DSL modem on the same line exhibits the same problem. Wireless or network cable
a different laptop on that line with either router, same problem, wireless or cabled
both customer computers work fine on any other connection
the cable for the incoming phone line was changed with no effect.

The only common denominator is the incoming line. Like port80 port443 blocked. The reps on the phone are not knowledgeable, trained or informed of who does what in what department. All they can do is run you in circles and dispatch “a technician” to come to your house. So that’s what they do regardless, In the customer’s case, none were available for over two weeks

Went thru this again, water works ppl damaged the overhead cable on our street. The whole street lost landline and ADSL services. All spent hours on the phone (someone elses or cell) and everyone was booked an appt for a home visit on Oct 12th! The phone rep told me there were no reports of an outage even though I reported it online and knew all my neighbours had too the day before.
So I called the town Public Works and told them to look on their wall and call the ‘phone cable damaged’ direct number at the Telus Prince George supervisor’s line that’s been there since the 1990s. A crew came and fixed it a few hours later.
Then they called me to ensure someone over 18 would be home when “the technician” showed up Oct. 12. I said yes.
Minutes later, someone called from the cable crew to tell me things were fixed and apologize for the runaround. Cool, got noticed!
So today I want to all the neighbours and asked them not to cancel those Oct 12th calls. Want to see if 12 trucks all dispatched from Prince George show up on the street Oct 12th,<<<

Shit disturber in action.

BTW that customer called today to ask when and how much I billed him. He’s still not working “THE technician” won’t be there until Oct 10th. Three weeks for a service call.
I was also told the quote was far too little for the work I put in, double it. And be available when THE technician shows up for another call-out.

I’m very curious to hear what’s going on here.

Me too, wont know anything more. The people have been out of service since last Thurs. and THE technician show up Oct 10th.
You know, the one guy that’s left fixing phones in all BC… I mean waiting from the 21st until the 10th, nineteen days for a service call seems just a tiny bit ridiculous to me.

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well… called the customer to see if Telus showed up, They did, and just like I told them 3 weeks ago it was a C.O. problem. The tech told them ‘something wasn’t plugged in properly in the office’… something 75 yr seniors could understand. Wrong port, or more likely when they’d cancelled some landline options they’d disabled the Internet too accidentally.
So I’m waiting for my visit on the 12th. Tell the guy to sit down have a coffee. I told them Day One they tore out the cable down the street not the drop line to my home.

Hmm… got a call today that even caller ID’d as Telus. Installer said “I see your phone works, it must have been the cable tear down all your neighbours said it was”.
Laughed and told him it was, and that’s what I told them almost 3 weeks ago. Told him they should tell their phone reps how the company they work for works.
He laughed and said they pride themselves in being a communication company that can’t communicate…
Funny how the people that actually do the work know how things work. Management of every company should let that sink in…

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