Pin Your Culprit Eccentric

Which is an anagram of Prince Rupert City Council (and includes an HTMF regular)

Using this site

you can type in any name or phrase and it will give you thousands of possible anagrams.  Most don’t make any sense but if you play around it will give you some interesting results.

Guess the members of city council.  The first, given his “kick ass” comment is easy.

Jack slams mule.

Nasal Hyena
Nosy in Kennel
Only shoot jerk
A rain gong
Lady harpoons genie
Death by dark

thank you for posting this website - its so much fun :smiley:
I am a beanstalks hoe lmao

:smiley:  mine is  Ankle Rakes…hahahahahaha

LOL!  Mine is nude yellowy hen    :smiley:  Crazy funny LOL


Well using my full name I could be a Twirly Bonehead or a Blown Heredity.  Too close for comfort.

A Caribou Trick Pie - super fun!

As my family will attest,  I am

A MORTAL NAGGER!!!  hahaha great fun!

liberal party of bc = FACT: PAYROLL BRIBE or LYRICAL BEBOP FART (has a nice ring to it)


No anagrams found.  :cry:

Came across this site while looking for an anagram for Jesus.  I don’t know his real name so I was looking for one including Jesus.  Lists several famous people and their scarily accurate anagrams.  A couple of examples.

Princess Diana = end is a car spin

President Clinton of the USA = he finds interns to copulate

and for you, Jesus

Jesus Christ and the disciples = reject as childish stupidness

Great site DWhite  :smiley:  Looked up anagram for Prince Rupert and some were not fit to print, ie: Began with the “C” word, you know what I mean  :confused:

Full name yields:  A Elder Sniper For John  and A Freed Snorer John Lip

My full name became; Uploading A Plus Gal.

Codybear that is cute!!! hmmm leaves a lot to the imagination!!!  :wink:

I did mine “A northern, romantic neat.”  Interesting and fun.  :smile: