Piledriver down

One of Broadwater Industries Pile Drivers is sunk at the Coast Guard dock in Seal Cove,should be interesting show tomorrow when they re-float it.
Anybody have any details on how it sank ?

Photo from this afternoon:

i say it was gremlins

Any more pics Mig?

Sorry, no.  But those guys on the dock there were taking photos, so perhaps one of them reads HTMF and will post theirs.

I’m pretty sure they were all done (or close to it) with hauling it out as of about 3:30pm - the barge was there with the tug and another small boat - as of about 3:30pm all the ‘looky-loos’ had gone from the ‘action on the dock’.  But you never know - might be more action down there tomorrow.

Migs pic was taken at low tide,at 1.30ish there was about 2’ of barge showing. I think you assumed that they were done because there was no barge to be seen.

Perhaps - but since I was there from 12:30 until 4:30, I thought I had seen it all.  Obviously not - I stand corrected.

Naaaah, it was snowflake.  :smiley:

I’m confident in saying, that it filled up with water and sank.

See?  I told ya so.  The snowflake must’ve melted then.  :smiley:

Any more photos?  Did they raise it yet?

frt pg prdn,nope

i think your keyboard is missing some vowels  :smiley:

Piledriver is still on the bottom,maybe today is the day they refloat it.

With the amount of people and equipment there you woul think it would be floating by now.

Does anyone have any info ???

Apparently they have to do an environmental assessment … as the can’t find where the oil/gas is leaking from?  They are trying to seal the hull in some sort of underwater sealant and maybe then try to bring it up.  Divers were on site yesterday and today they are painting.  Apparently the fuel tanks were full!  No holes and the barge just had a refit so unknown at this point why it sank!

And this became uninteresting . . . . . . . now.

But yet  you had to post?

I’m sure there might be a chain store opening or a rumour of a Wal Mart that you could find interesting and post on this site.

yea walmart we need one of them just get rid of extra foods  :sunglasses: