Pie Contest?

My partner and i were given a tour today at the wildlife shelter. We went out to give them a nice donation and came home feeling really wonderful about this couple and their dedication. They are going through their entire life savings to do this and by estimates will be broke in two years. They work long hours and of course you never ever take a holiday with that kind of lifestyle. We came home with some fresh organic free range eggs from some of the chickens that live there. Lots and lots of cats for adoption so if you have space in your heart and your home please contact them. They also have a pair of chincillas which are nice pets. I haven’t heard much further about this pie contest but please tell me you are going to go ahead with it…these people need our local support. The cost of food not to mention bedding and medication…wow, i can’t imagine how much a month it must take to run their shelter. We stood in the eagle cage just a couple feet from the eagles as they fly around, really nice.