Could someone tell me where to go to find the pics that were on here from when the cranes arrived


ok I just answered my own question      that search box really works    lol


Hm. Seems to be a CSS error? …

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]


What browser you using?  Looks fine to me.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]


Firefox. It’s a CSS issue: Sometimes it’s mis-aligned, sometimes not.

I could always poke around in the CSS, if this pleases. :smile:

(Many sites, especially forums (tables) have this issue)


I’ve never seen it happen before on this theme.  Weird.  Not a CSS issue, I don’t think, since it’s laid out with a table.


Actually, I think I’ll modify the CSS some anyhow (could use a cleanup), then post the results here. (or a link to a .txt so you can copy/paste/overwrite what’s there, now.

The CSS I speak of is located at: … /style.css


There’s nothing in that CSS that would influence how a table is laid out, other than the


I think it’s more likely your browser didn’t download the entire page before it started laying it out.  Have you done any “speed hacks” on firefox or pipelining tricks?


I have photos on my site as well.  search word crane


Thanks Photoguy  those worked out fine


haha I have a floating Bandit now too.  Didn’t yesterday though… weird??