We should just find the funniest pictures on Hacking, and post them here. To see what we have put on here.

Nothing makes me want to shoot myself in the side of the teeth more than when I hear people refer to HTMF as “Hacking”.

agree’d, but we’re vetrans… thats why… we always just refer to it as HTMF

I admit I often refer to this site as “hacking”. I think it is because it has less syllables than h-t-m-f and I have a hard enough time talking as it is.

Ok ok HTMF

Emus are birds, you raise them for meat.

As far as I know there are no hacking emu pics.

Dude, I’m going to take pictures of emus.

Why waste a perfectly good girlfriend as meat? Emus rock.

Haha, you have small hands…
(Due the the daftness of 90% of the people here, that was sarcasm)

mmmm Slugs. Just sprinkle genereously with garlic salt and they make their own sauce…


I am glad I got my practice in ‘X’ clicking.

eww emus are scary … i went to a petting zoo once and one bit my hand… i have been scared of them ever since …:neutral_face:


what is up with that thumb??

That’s from sticking it up my ass too many times.

didn’t your mom warn you that would happen if you didn’t stop?

So a Rabbi meets a slug…>>>GONG!!!

I can’t believe that picture was printed in the newspaper! I got a good chuckle, but why did you omit the beautiful thumb?

Since this is a thread about pictures, lets post some nice non-photochopped digitals we’ve taken over the years. I have one pretty interesting picture I’ll post as soon as I can find it. Best long shutter shot I have taken. I just fucked up my rescue dye capsule thing by accident and it’s spilling florescent powder shit everywhere so I’m going to turf it in the water and see what it looks like. I’ll post an image if it’s anythign interesting. (havn’t seen one myself).

I got a picture yesterday of some girl showing her gooch that y’all can rape your dicks to…