Picked up a 17" laptop for $827

Took my Toshiba laptop in for servicing yesterday and found out there’s a MINIMUM 2 week backlog. I need something to help do installs and service work and found an Acer 9420 17" single core for $827… too good a deal to pass up. I’ll sell it when I get my Toshiba back.
Before you all start ragging, I needed something cheap right away. I’ll grab a 15" Macbook later…

Hah, I made the Future Shop guys wait while I logged into all my supplier sites and found nothing in stock at any warehouse right now. Hell, I couldn’t even find any laptop listed below $900 wholesale that was in stock, the big box guys have cleaned them all out.


AND why did yo ugo buy a 17 laptop that is way to big ? You want something portable not a desktop :smile:


Because some id10t is going to look at it and think “Look how big it is for only $xxxx” and buy it right away. I only want it for 2 weeks…
When I was going with the beancounter she bought an HP with 17" and the numberpad. Noone else at her mill could allow themselves to be ‘bettered by a gurl’ and they purchased about 16 more of them. You’re right though, it’s hilarious to see the guys lugging huge notebooks around when they don’t have to (and are never going to use the numberpad).

I have 2 laptops  1 15" aple poerbook g4 1.67 and a ibm thinkpad T42 Pentium m 1.7 running vista…

Id have to say that any thing over 15" screen is to big.


I agree.  I have 3 laptops, two of them are 13" wide screens.  One is a normal 15" – and that’s way too big to have on your lap or carry around.

But as a desktop replacement, 17" is almost too small these days, isn’t it?

I think there are a few 19" laptops out there …


i got a shit-top…i think. i dont know if mine sucks or laptops suck in general. maybe its just the windows XP… id give the name but i dont know it and im at school.

16 days later and Future Shop will call tomorrow and let me know if they can fix it or if it has to be sent to Toshiba! Explained once again to leave the hard drive alone, hard drive errors make Windows lock up they don’t cause the hardware to power off…
You know something, I fixed my very first computer back in the days Future Shop charged $200 to fix a Commodore 64 and we broke one down in class and discovered a 35c slo-blo fuse right beneath the “Warranty Void if Removed” sticker… they haven’t got any better.
But today’s rant is reserved for MDG and the dumb bag who told me how she broke down and bought a “good computer” from them after having nothing but trouble with that Windows ME computer she bought from our store. Asides from the fact that we havent sold them with Windows ME for six odd years, and “Windows ME” is enough to explain it all… I had to let loose on the unsuspecting skank.
This might go over some heads (like when my gf & I explained to a room of mill owners that they weren’t really selling lumber, they were trading in US dollars, but here goes:
MDG doesn’t really sell computers. It sells financing, mainly to really stoopid brokeass people who have trouble saving up for a family size bag of chips. Therefore “good” and “better” are not even relevant adjectives because they merely describe the depth of financial shit you just signed yourself into, and when you use the term I sit hear waiting to hear in your next words of the great financial advice you got from Money Mart.
But, Mizz Dr Phil, you really want to hear what my “feelings” are now that you’ve taught me a lesson. And yes, too your delight, I admit they are somewhat hurt. Hurt because I am a firm believer in the words of PT Barnum and WC Fields, as in; “There’s one born every minute” and yes you are one, and “It is immoral to leave money in the hands of a fool”, and I am saddenned that my lack of huge financial reserves prevented me from selling you a cheap computer AND hosing you for 35% interest for four to seven years as well.**

I have to laptops one a ibm Pentium M 1.7 running windows xp Nemesis. The other my new 15" powerbook G4 1.67 yes a g4 because i didn’t like how the mac-book pro’s get hot and how they run. Both machines run so good im glad i have them both.

Now when talking on the phone i seriously cant understand how people come to fuck there machines up so badly. Seriously I swear to god i talk to this one lady every god dam day about her email fucking up. And this other guy phone reaming the shit aout of me insisting we changed some thing on our server to block his out going mail He refused for a hour and 45 min to turn off his firewall.

Half way through he called me stupid but at the start he was the one stating he knows nothing about computers but yet is calling me stupid. its so funny how he has norton internet security installed MY WORST night mare program that just up and stops when it wants to or decided to suprize you with that pop up out of the blue asking you do you want to permit or block the average or 99% of the customers click block to make the annoying window go away. So this customer still refuses to. How i got him to turn it off. He calls me back up stating he has a smarter tech at the house… I start talking to him and he says let’s try telnet so off we go start run cmd telnet mail.ispname.com 110 attempting to connect blah blah blah n and it times out DING so its not the mail program.  I state so weird lets turn off the firewall ok he said but stating it wont help… LITERALLY 10 seconds after turning off the firewall what do i hear in the back ground DING mail sent i hear the outlook express mail sending song. He replies with what was that. !!

He replies thats impossible  so we start run cmd and telnet mail.ispmailname.com 110  ok username pass blah blah… DING NOW WHO’S the stupid one.

It’s so funny how people treat the tech’s on the phone…

It started snowing yesterday and didnt stop until 5 tonight. The MOST snow I have ever seen in one shot in the 18+ years I lived here, over 2 feet. Wet, sticky, heavy coastal snow…
Power went down to the mountain today about 9:30 and it took me till 11:30 to dig my 4x4 out enough for the hubs to lock. I hear that it went off last night in Sowchea Bay across the lake and Hydro may not get it restored until Monday.
Needless to say when I got to work the phone was ringing off the hook let it all go to messages all day long. The 3 that iced the cake:
screaming that he had a wireless laptop and should be able to surf with the power off whats wrong with your fucking internet now (maybe no power to your router doh)
the lady who couldnt turn her computer back on and wanted someone to phone and help (abracadabra… )
the guy with a generator whos had enough of home wireless and will switch to Telus if we dont get up the mountain and fix the powerline by 3:30 (enjoy their dialup, its as good as the free backup one you forgot about)