Physics 12 courses offered by NWCC

Physics! Take Physics 12 (Phys 050) at Northwest Community College in Prince Rupert Starting Feb 21st. This is an important course to have as a pre-requisite for further education and a requirement for many jobs. The type of thinking you will learn in physics will help you with any task you attempt in the future.

Physics 050 is a laboratory science at the provincial level and is equivalent to high school Physics 12. Physics is the basis for engineering and many of the devices we use today. Physics is becoming more and more important to our society as our use of technology increases.

Five main topics: kinematics, dynamics, electrostatics, electromagnetism, and vibration and waves. Physics strives to precisely describe and predict natural phenomena.

This course is not offered often. If you want to take it please register by Feb 18. If you have questions please ask Regan at 624-6054 x5755 or

What are, if any the prerequisites??

I would hazard to guess Physics 11 ?

I have Physics 11 … barely.

As with students today, I needed a Science 11 to get into university. I was hopeless in Science.

My Science 10 teacher was the Physics teacher and most of Science 10 was Physics type stuff. Using the logic " better the devil you know than the devil you don’t" I took Physics 11.

When he told me I was getting a D on the second report, he added, “You weren’t this stupid last year.” It is one of the few conversations I remember having with a teacher.

At the end of the year, he gave me a conditional pass. I would get credit for Physics 11 at the end of Grade 12. If I wanted to take Physics 12 I would have to take Physics 11 again. (I didn’t.)

Does this mean I have the pre-requisite?

Hi All,

I am the instructor (Regan Sibbald) for the course. Prereqisites are usually physics 11, however I do consider students on a case by case basis. Maturity and motivation are huge factors in a students success. If you have any questions I invite you to call or come down to meet with me.

624-6054 x5755
office room 210

Tomorrow I teach from 8:45 to 11:00 am and 1:00 to 3:00 pm. I’m available at any other time.

Hi DWhite,

If you are motivated… yes.



Hi DWhite,

If you are motivated… yes.


Even a senior’s discount couldn’t motivate me. I was not scarred by the comment, but as far as Physics go, it is probably pretty accurate.

I hope you get some takers though. My son didn’t take physics 12 in high school and he had to make up courses when he got to university. The problem wasn’t insurmountable, but he could have saved some hassle.