Photoshop question

I use photoshop every now and then but I’m certainly no expert so I can’t figure out something that should be quite simple to fix.  I’m trying to design some logos for my work wiki and running into a little trouble with the background.  When I post it on the wiki, the background surrounding the logo stays white.  I would like to be able to isolate the logo itself.  Here is the image with the white background ( how do I make it so there’s no background)

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

You didn’t make it a transparent BG.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Heh. Played a bit. Png, not Gif (Most browsers handle PNG and transparency thereof, now)


[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Wow!  The difference between amateurish and professional. 

I’ll try to get the same result.  This is the base logo.  I have to write a few different things inside ( Biology, Science, Math and other stuff)


Played some more. This is purely “for the heckuvit”.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Oh, and you’re welcome, of course. hehe. This is what happens when you request anything Photoshop. O.o

I don’t want you to go all out and give me a full course but how do you smooth out the lines?  The last pic looks good but this is for my school and the colors are black and yellow.

Well, you’re speaking of anti-aliasing, of course. This is done several ways, on edges, especially. Make sure, for the text tool you have “Sharp” selected from the drop-down menu. Also, on selections (elliptical and square) make sure you’ve ‘ticked’ the box that says "Anti Alias’. When using Photoshop shapes, it’s automatic (and when you rasterize them).

That aside, it’s pretty easy, hm? Most browsers, as I said earlier, handle PNG and it’s transparency just fine, now. IE6 doesn’t display them correctly, however. But Opera, Firefox and IE7 are fine, now. (Web designers around the world: Cheer!)

Any more questions: shoot. :smile:

Oh! Now I realize that I’ve been a complete noob with this.  You see, I did all the text and design in a simple paint program.  Then I imported to photoshop because I needed to save the file for the web in order to be able to fit the size requiremnent on the wiki.
You’re saying I should start from scratch with photoshop. This is where the problem is.  :blush:
I’ll give it a try.

Heh. I understand. If you’re a Skype ( user, feel free to hop on there and I can walk you through whatever you need (or want), real-time. :smile:

My Skype ID is my signature (below). :smile: Cheers, mate.

Karma points for my new found friend, nauticalpixel, for sharing some of his amazing Photoshop know-how with me. 
Check your personal message.

Logos look fantastic. Well done. :smile:

Apt pupil, for sure. T’was all my pleasure.

Thank you.  I posted them there so they’ll be easy to access for all the other teachers who will use them.

Check your personal messages again :wink: