Phil Spector sentencing

Both at the trial verdict and at the sentecing, I couldn’t get over the blank, almost Alzheimer’s look of Phil Spector.
By the evidence, mostly all circumstantial, he was found guilty of murder, which he probably is, given his past history with fire arms and his abuse of women.
This case hilights to me the differences in the Canadian and US justice sytems.
Mr. Spector was found guily of 2nd. degree murder.The US court minimum is 15 years.
And I believe you have to serve most of it before being elible for parole. Also added on in the US system is extra time for use of a fire arm, which extended his sentence to 19 years. With Mr. Spector, the sentence also said 19 years to life, which means that he will not he eligible for parole for the full 19 years.
From what I have read, Spector is Bipolar. this is a terrible mental desease which is not realy taken seriously by the judicial system.
So much of a contrast in Canada. second degree? Seven years? Maybe a bit more depending on circumstance, and maybe a bit less. But I think that only two thirds has to be served befor MANDATORY RELEASE.
Mr. Spector will spend the next 19 years in prison before being eligible for parole.
He probably is a murderer, but which system is right?
Who should reform or conform?

Was this guy a musician?  Why is this in the “music” section?

Record producer and songwriter

Thanks Piknic

He also had a cameo role in the film Easy Rider.  He played a cocaine dealer who was buying product from Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper’s characters before they went on their ride across the country.

Spector’s claim to fame comes from his “Wall of Sound” method of producing records in the '60s.

That and pulling guns on everyone from Leonard Cohen to  The Ramones.