Phase 2

So what are the thoughts on the latest “EXTORTION”?

Kennewick Man.

Get with the times or move on bud

mr ray of sunshine …

what extortion ? phase 2 is going to give hundreds new jobs . get over it

Does phase 2 includes more firefighters?

Phase 2 includes a second berth and 4 more gantry cranes.
They are also adding 3 more working tracks in the yard.
Currently they have enough track to build one full intermodal train. When phase 2 is complete they will be able to have two at a time.
There will be lots of jobs in both longshoreman and CN rail as Fairview is on track to run 24/7

I wrote this in jest to saltybear. lol

Thanks for the info though. :smile:

Here is the current view of Fairview and then the proposed expansion. The only thing it does not show is how they are adding rail track