Pets being Abandoned

Today I had an experience with a Very Lovely Cat and his name was or still is Mongo, someone out in HTMF land was once its owner but they decided to abandon Mongo and I believe two other Kitties. Well I do hope when these individuals read this post which I hope will not be put to the wayside are going to have the time to think of what has gone down due to their choosing not to be responsible. Mongo who was very friendly cat who looked for comfort and love has died due to picking some virus while having to try living out in the wild. I would suggest that owners such the people responsible be held accountable for their actions and be Black Listed of having animals in their care. To watch such a Beautiful Creature such as Mongo fail in health due to someones Greed is a sad state of affairs to witness. So I ask to please do not abandon this post or topic so Mongo can get the justice that he rightfully deserves or deserved. Having to witness Codybear try her hardest to fight off the tears and express her anger of the lack of consideration was too much even for me to experience . RIP Mongo…

Just spent time with the codybear and she has gone through a very rough night and day. Anger and saddness do not go well with one another. Tomorrow we lay Mongo to rest were she spent most of her time resting. I just wanted to share and hoping the individules responsible would take note.

I usually get flogged when I have a comment about outdoor cats on here but this is different. This was a beautiful cat, left to his own devices with his bud “Spaz”. They have been hanging out at my place as I thought if I let the owners know by email that they were still around, they would come and get them but sadly that was not to be. I have an indoor cat so could not bring them in so we put a sleeping bag under my porch where they were protected and they were fed each day and cuddled as they were craving attention. “Mongo” started losing weight rapidly and when taken to the vets the virus was found. It did not have to happen and I just want to say ,as this is happening far too frequently, if you cannot keep your pets or you do not care to bother with them anymore, please find a home for them. They only ask to be loved and cared for. Please do not abandon them as they don’t know the outdoors and the dangers that wait for them. The shelter is full of cats, some that have been the victims of owner abandonment and brought in by strangers and the same for the wildlife shelter, currently caring for over 26 cats. “Mongo” was a sweetheart and it tore us apart to make that decision today but at least we know he was loved and cared for to the end. Special thanks as always to Dr.Kennedy and his staff for looking after the little fella and to the end hoping for the best. I am looking for a home for “Spaz”, if anyone is interested please PM me. He is a sweetheart of a cat and longs to be in a good home !

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I knew someone would post a sarcastic comment even though abandonment of pets is a serious issue . Never seem to be disappointed on this site. A real animal lover I guess eh? Just like the freakin owners of that sweet cat.

Are you guys all the same person? Because you seem to just talk to yourself over and over again about the same issues.

I don’t think my comment was sarcastic, but I’m glad that Jazella/Codybear/Justin Case have started another thread to talk to himself. Now that’s sarcasm.

[quote=“sandimas”]Are you guys all the same person? Because you seem to just talk to yourself over and over again about the same issues.

I don’t think my comment was sarcastic, but I’m glad that Jazella/Codybear/Justin Case have started another thread to talk to himself. Now that’s sarcasm.[/quote]

Now THAT is funny as so many people on here actually know who we really are ! And considering I am a female and Justin Case is male, don’t know about Jazella, this is truly a funny post ! I would think that all of us just happen to be people who care about the lives of animals. Plain and simple !

Pets being abandoned or pets allowed to breed to irresponsible owners is a huge issue. Just goggle up animal rescue sites and find the hundreds of thousands of pets. On one site alone they have close to 300,000 animals to rehome. It isn’t funny. I am in a very sad postion right now of having to rehome my sweet little dog and its tearing me up. I won’t let him go easily, it will have to be a very special home but my disability means he isnt getting what he needs. Good for the kindness of people like Codybear who care about animals. By the way she cares deeply for humans too but she has had a good dose of crap dealt her from those needy people unlike the animals who don’t give bad attitude when recieving help.

I PM’d you roja, hope you received it but just wanted to add that your “puppy” has you and his warm and loving home, in reality that is all he needs! I hope that you can maybe think of his needs in that respect and then you and he will be very happy ! I don’t know the issues that you have but I am positive that they can be resolved. Let us animal lovers on here give you a hand, if we can, so that you can keep your little guy !! Where there’a a will, there’s always a way, right?

If it’s dog walking you need. Why not hire one of the recently un employed paper carriers? Give them something to do, and a little extra pocket money.

On this issue - In July I found 2 cats dumped at Kloiya Bay - 1 was grey and white and shortly after coming to my home, he became ill. He died shortly thereafter from renal failure, probably from lack of clean drinking water, only eating garbage, and tar from the water mains. He was a full male, probably a year old and had been out there long enough to become semi-feral - probably a month at least. He had medium Long grey fur with a white chin & paws. My vet bill – $600. Because someone needs to remember him, I had his body cremated and a foot print in clay done. The 2nd cat was dumped June 10th by people in a crappy light brown pick up truck, with a dark brown strip (thick) and rust. I’ve seen these guys out there before smoking dope. This cat is a long hair tabby with a white chest, face and paws. He/she has a brown circle of color over the nose and mouth. This cat may be pregnant but hopefully it’s only fat. He/she is a lover and very sweet. Neither of these beautiful animals deserved this treatment.
THEN - at the Rupert sub-station just outside of the Port Edward turn off I scooped a beautiful white and light orange tabby male. He has since been neutered and the vet estimates he is 3 years old. This cat would run up and down the highway from the substation to as far as the Diana Lake Road, looking for his home and likely food. He is very loud and has short fur. I am horrified at the behaviour the people who did this exhibited. If you can not keep the pet, for whatever reason, find him or her another home. Pets are a priviledge, not a right!
If anyone out there knows who owned or is perhaps missing a cat that fits to the above 3 descriptions, please contact me at This has to stop. I’ve spoken to the BCSPCA head office and Prince Rupert is the WORST in the entire province and perhaps even Canada. How pathetic is this?
PLEASE - this must stop. If you know of someone doing this, please report them to the BCSPCA head office - Vancouver, BC (7th Avenue).

Thank you so much for posting on this topic. I had to have a beautiful cat that had been abandoned by its’ owners put down and it broke my heart. I only wish that I had memoralized “Mongo” in such a lovely way as you did the cat you found. His buddy is still with me, a beautiful cat, sweet and loving, that I am looking for a home for.I was unable to bring either of these babies in as I explained at the beginning of the topic I have an indoor cat but I hope I did the best I could and continue to do for the one that is left. I am attaching a pic of him in hopes that someone will care to give him a forever loving home. I can’t add anything to your wonderful post except thank you for what you have done and what you continue to do for the little ones out there. I don’t know what is happening either but it is getting so much worse here than ever has been before.I receive messages from the BCSPCA daily on Facebook and the stories of those that have been abused and abandoned makes you cry. Something has to be done by all of us.

Gee I am almost afraid to post , Sandimas may jump the gun once more and accuse us all of being one who choose to find something to talk about you , you or me . Great posts and yes I wish to thank kbrentzen for the post and everything he or she has done to provide these little ones so form of safety net, such as a good home ,comfort and loving. Codybear yes I have watched you going that extra mile for this little fellow and what you tried with Mongo. I like that idea of contacting the BCSPCA and it would be to our advantage to report the names of the individuals who have put these loving pets out to fend for themselves.

Fantastic post “kbrentzen”. Pet owners pay attention and I agree that names should be given to the BCSPCA as I am sure many of us know these kinds of shitty pet owners. Know some names myself I would like to post but no fear, keep it to myself for now and just keep watch in my area.