Petronas’ LNG project in Canada to kick off in September … -september

“The construction will begin soon… this fall. All other prerequisites have been dealt with”
“Our central government environmental certificate is the remaining piece to this and we are working through that exercise. We are optimistic that in the very near future it will be concluded”

As predicted, the Conservatives & Liberals are putting pressure on to get the environmental assessment completed quickly. Most importantly, it will come well before the election.

Prince Rupert better get ready for some major changes… only a month away now!

Well if there’s one thing Prince Rupert residents know… is that you don’t get too excited about projects that haven’t started yet. Sounds promising though.

He’s trying to prop up the local real estate market. lol

For reference: … sharp.html

as much as i would like LNG to get going now you still have to have the CEA approval before any announcement on going ahead, and if the CEA decides during an election the odds of the Minister in charge of it federally approving it are low, so don’t expect an announcement until the fall after the election, and if the rumors are true the election will be called in August and run for 2 months so that the tories can outspend the other parties

The election is October 19th.

[quote=“PLA”]He’s trying to prop up the local real estate market. lol

For reference: … sharp.html[/quote]

Sales might have dropped off, but you know prices are up about 15% in the last year, right? This market has no need for anyone to prop it up.