Pet Pictures

Here is my pet rabbit Elmo:

He don’t look too happy. My opinion is that I do not like rats. Of any kind.

Man, how come everyone says he looks depressed?

He looks just fine, that’s his normal look, it’s the shadows that make you think he’s sad.

Dude, it looks so depressed! Maybe the dark eye pattern and spotting add to it, but It’s slouching big time, kinda like Eeyore’s ordinary posture. Maybe he’s been feeling down since you named it Elmo. 8)

I havn’t ever had a rabbit, does he chill with you or just zoom around the house when you let it out of it’s cage?

Rabbits are not rats, or rodents for that matter; they have a class all of their own for some reason. It’s a cute bunny…it’s just his colours and markings that make him look sad. I’d like to have one, but I think my cats would think of it as dinner.

And Yes. It is depressed. Because you won’t let us shoot it out of a Rabbit Cannon.