Pentium D 805 Project

By now this trick is old news, but have any of you overclocking savvy boys and girls played around with one of the Intel D 805 CPUs yet? I’ve been shopping around online and they’re listed ~$150-$190CAD. On the downside, I would need to order a new motherboard and DDR2 memory.

For those not knowing about the trick I speak of…

Read this article: Tom’s Hardware - A 4.1 GHz Dual Core at $130 - Can it be True?

I read of a guy on an action sports photography forum who’s doing it.  He mentioned the word ‘duct tape’.

I was within 1 or 2 mouseclicks of hitting “I accept, please place my order” at NCIX.

I’m on one right now.  Clocked at 3.4Ghz without voltage mod and on stock cooling.

$194.99. Probably drop next week after the rest of the world catches up with Intel’s summer Core2 roadmap.

Anybody take a look at the AM2 socket AMD’s yet???.. according to reviews, they really arent that faster with the DDR2 memory controler… in fact, only the FX-62 AM2 is faster than it predicessor in the 939 series chips. Though im sure with the next gerneration of AM2’s will have a much more efficient memory controller… currently the 939 DDR memory controllers are running at 97-100%

What board and memory ar eyou running?

Totally off topic, but I have this horrific feeling my grade Four and Five teachers have posted on this thread

hmmm the only one in this thread old enough to be your grade 4 or 5 teacher might be goodbytes, but I highly doubt it.  If you meant this whole hackingthemainframe forum… then you’re probably right.