Penny Arcade guys buy Macs

I think hell just froze over.

[quote]I can’t say much more than what Tycho already said. It’s just really fucking good and that’s all. I found that any time I had a problem this weekend it was because I was over thinking something. I was looking for some sub menu or a hidden setting when what I wanted to do was right in front of my face.

Add in the fact that it plays WOW like a dream and I’m set. I’m not ready to star in one of those annoying switch ads but it’s safe to call me a convert. I’m not going to ditch my PC anytime soon but I actually get excited when I think about using the Mac. [/quote]

I’ve linked to Penny-Arcade’s Apple-themed comics (always funny!) so many times, that I’m not even going to bother doing it again. Anyone that would possibly be entertained by them has already seen them.