Peg Leg's Restaurant under new Ownership

My youngest and I ventured into Peg Leg’s for lunch today, new owners very friendly and they are doing great things in there, Carpet has been removed and they have the orginal planks, nice paint job and they have a stage in there for local entertainment.  We had Newfoundland fries ( fresh homemade fries with original turkey stuffing and gravy very yummy!) and beer battered coconut shrimp.  Very tasty and I highly recommend it.

I think the owners also own Triple Island Brewery … lots of choice for beer, it really looks like a pub.

Those fries intrigue me, if we ever make it back up there I’d like to give them a try.

So is it still a family restaurant or has it been turned into more of the brew-pub style eatery??

Limited menu but same service.

Stay tuned on that brew-pub thing.

I have always like Peg Leg’s. Every time I would go there the food was good and the service was good. Unlike some restaurants in this town where the food can be good one day then be shit the next, same with service.

I was in there for lunch this past week and the food was fantastic.

Awesome, good to hear, man!  That is one of my favourite eateries.