PC randomly shuts down

When I am playing a game my computer will shut down. whether its 10 mins or 1 hour into game play it will shut down without warning and when I turn it back on no warning or anything. The games I am playing when this occurs is L4D, Age of Empire 3, Crysis Warhead. These are the only games I have played recently and they all shut my computer right down. This has never happened to me while playing ANY game before, it just started occuring yesterday.
Now I believe this is a problem with something over heating. So I installed SpeedFan to check my tempuratures but the truth is I dont know what a good temperature would be. So I well post the temps.

GPU - 53c
System -  -65c (minus? wtf? thats damn cold)
CPU - 42c
AUX - -65 (again why?)
Core 0 - 51c
Core 1 - 51c

System specs

GeForce 8800gt 256 mb
Core 2 duo E6550 2.33GHz
600watt psu
NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI MCPs
Also My case has 3 fans inside.

This should be all the info you guys need to tell my why it shuts down.

its hard to say…
it could be bad ram? if you have the time and extra parts laying around is you just replace each until the problem goes away…if you dont have a sec video card. check your ram.
if you have two ram in each slot take one out and try each…
try a second game that uses lots of graphics and ram, rule out the hard drive…

hope that helps

Your gpu and cpu temps looks very good. Your power supply should be more than adequate, unless it’s faulty, of course. Have you tried downloading ‘ntune’ or ‘nvidia system monitor’ and see if they report minus temps? Also, if you haven’t tried already, drop your graphics setting in these games, no AA. Your video card might be on it’s last legs as far as running the latest and greatest games.

To check if it’s software-related, you should try a live CD, and stress the system to see if it reboots.

Another quick check you could do is look through the capacitors on the motherboard and see if any of them are leaking or bulging.  The original HTMF server would reboot spontaneously because of leaky caps.

I had a problem like this, my computer would randomly freeze.  I tried new ram, new hd, new graphics card, re installing xp, new power supply.  Turned out to be the mother board… I eventually ended up with a whole new computer

it also may be a problem due to overclocking, I overclocked my CPU from 2.1 ghz to 2.6 ghz the other night.

I was under the assumption that it was stable, it play games fine for about 3 hours, then I stress tested it and bam, error.

so it may be a problem with overclocking?

I havent overclocked my and my graphics card is brand new. I think it might be that my heatsink sucks. I know that when my processor gets to a critical point with heat it well shut my computer down. So I am going to apply some new thermal paste and see what happens.

Hi trexx1210:
Any luck with the problem? My point was that you’re running and 256mb card and that it might not handle this new-fangled stuff. New card does not necessarily mean good card.
Call me Creepy

What? my 256 MB cards run games fine!

VRAM is not the issue :wink:

well I mean, it might be. buut if that were the case I would think a plethora of problems would arise - ie. Graphical artifacts, BSOD’s, Time Outs, etc etc

Ah yes, I figured out the problem. Definitely wouldnt be my GPU (graphics card) that baby works awsome. Plays all high end games on high settings perfectly. The problem was that one of my pins that hold the heatsink firmly on my CPU came loose which caused my CPU to overheat and shut my computer down. So I just reapplied thermal past and put my heatsink back on and now my CPU temp is back to a normal 30■C. Stupid of me not to check that at first though. Oh well I know for next time and hopefully there isnt. Thanks to the quick replies on here aswell  :smile:

Hi trexx1210:
Glad to hear I was wrong…again.