PC De-Crapifier

download.com/Returnil-Virtua … 66991.html

Been using this since yesturday.  Its by far one of the best programs ive ever used.  No need for any virus scans, adware, system restore.

I won’t argue with your success, but … looks flaky to me. It “clones a ‘copy’ of your Windows system in one second” ?? And the english-as-a-second-language content of their website has the hallmarks of a … I don’t know, but not a professional outfit. Why is their only contact a hotmail address? This isn’t supposed to be some chintzy app some kid invented in his parents’ basement and posted as freeware. (And WTF is with the sentence below the copyright notice at the bottom of their home page that reads,  “Returnil is a software fund to help the children who get hurt in fire accident” ?? Is that a crude play on our sympathies? What the hell has it got to do with selling software?)

Anyway as I say I won’t argue with your success, if the software works for you, that’s great. Maybe I’m overly suspicious. But I won’t be installing it just now.

Incidentally one anti-malware outfit, name of Prevx, has identifed Returnil as malware, though they’re short on specifics and I haven’t found any others so far that agree:

fileinfo.prevx.com/spyware/qqa3b … L.EXE.html

You wasted all this time to write this post for this stupid kid.  I’m sorry to see this :smiley:

Considering there post count I doubt they regularly frequent (or view) "the stupid kid’s"

Let it slide, soul brother.

Been using this program for over a week now.  Its probly the best piece of software Ive ever used.

This program is great!, I email them and they are currently working on a version that clones xp and runs of your ram. 

And in english dumbass ?

I thought you were a computer tech,

Great program for newly bought vista laptops