Anybody else get an e-mail from Paypal about the class action suit against them? Turns out I might be entitled to some money.

I thought that was a spam and deleted it.

It’s only if you can prove you’ve been ripped off through paypal in the past. You need to provide documentation of transactions, etc.

Actually, no. I can file a Statutory Damages Claim, the only requirement is I am a member of the class, and that I haven’t been ripped off personally by/through Paypal.

Hmm, I have it aswell… Shoudl I fill out a statuatory claim or just delete the thing?

I’m thinking about having myself removed from the class, in case something comes up later. Perhaps our old friend Paypal has something to hide…

There’s a million bucks which will be spread evenly among everyone who properly files a statutory claim. There are probably more than a million people who can file a claim. If you want a cheque sent to you, rather than just having the money put into your paypal account, you need to pay a charge of one dollar (which comes out of your settlement). So I don’t think its worth it. And if you do accept the money, Paypal owns your soul for the rest of eternity. I think thats what it said.

You’ll get less than a dollar, I’ll bet. How much is postage to the USA? … ates-e.asp

80 cents to send in the thing, so you can make 20 cents if the payout is 1 dollar. I’m willing to bet that there will be less than 1 dollar, since it’s 1 million divided by the number of applicants – I’ll bet there will be more than a million applicants.

You never know… apathy is beautiful.

Yeah, I’m going to have myself removed from the class, I think.

How’d Paypal get in trouble?

by running in the Land of Lawyers.

hey T you’re in MAple Ridge? I was just there last week checking out Tranzeo wireless’s ops! HArdly recognized anything anymore

It’s a nice place, it’s close enough to Vancouver without being big city.

Actually right now I’m working in Roberts Creek.

And in a couple days I’m comin’ home! We should all play football, I’m huge.

me too. but some scrawny little dude shoestring tackled me and the pins in my ankle still hurt every winter.