Paypal help

Has anyone setup a paypal account.  Im trying to but find it confusing.

It is easy as pie… What don’t you get ?

I guess there sending me two numbers to my bank account, then i enter those numbers on the website to verify me.  But how do i transfer money from my account to paypal then to another person.  Or does it just come straight out of my account?
Can i load it with a credit card?

Well what they do is put 2 amounts into your acc that you have setup on your paypal to verrify that it went into the correct acc and that you have access to it… With mine they put in 0.2 cents and 0.5cents. After that you go to there verrify part in your acc and your acc is active… BUT when you use a acc like this it takes up to 7days to compleet… If you have a credit card then i would use that it will happen instantly. I use paypal for every thing its really good.