Paypal and Scotiabank

Does any of you happen to be set up to the Bank of Nova Scotia? If any of you are, and if you are signed up to Paypal, how did you set up? I’m having trouble on the “Add a credit/debit card” page since none of the numbers I have entered worked. Any tips?

ya no prob give me your credit card number and ill show ya… :astonished:

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But seriously, did anyone get past this, using steps not actual demonstrations?

I had a problem with Paypal and my BMO chequing account, where the Paypal bank info thingy wanted a 5 digit transit number, but my bank only gave me a 4 digit number.

I actually can’t remember how I got around this, but it involved several emails to both my bank and to paypal.

This probably doesn’t help at all, but when I use PayPal, I use my credit card.

I also tried to set up my bank account with PayPal too, but it was too much of a pain in the ass so I too only have my credit card associated with my account.

I had no problem associating PayPal with ING Direct and a CIBC accounts.

It’s one-way for me, though.  It’s only for withdrawing money from Paypal.  I use Visa to deposit money to Paypal so I have a bit more protection.

When I signed up with Paypal for my Scotiabank account I used my account number, not my debit card.  You’ll need the 5 digit branch/transit number, your seven digit account number and the institution number.  The transit and account numbers are on your statement…the institution number is 002.

Thanks for all of the answers. I guess my only step now is to check the deposits that they made in my account. I was, as I said, stuck on the “add a debit card” but I guess I don’t have to do that if I verify my bank account do I?

Just remember that if you use your bank account to transfer money in to Paypal it takes 6 business days for the transfer to clear.


I bank at the Scotia Bank and use Paypal alot.  For the first little while I had to use my c/c to send money with Paypal but could deposit money from my Paypal account into my bank account.  Once I became a verified Paypal user, I can make a Paypal payment right from my bank account instead of my c/c.  I hope this helps.

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Transit & Bank numbers for banking purposes if  its the local branches is as follows:

BMO      07390   
RBC      04640
TD        93400
Scotia  10710
CIBC    00180
Cr Un    13910