Pay Toll

So as of this day we become like a BigCity  and if we wish to go down to RushBrook for a little while either to watch people bring in fish , walk the trail or go to Bob’s on The Rocks , we must pay a Toll for ex amount of time down there , I think that is bullshit but then again what do I know right .

I don’t get it? Where’s this toll?

Herb and the happy six at city council have instituted pay parking at rushbrook, you pay at a central ticket machine and put your ticket in the windshield so the guy with the chalk thing doesn’t write you a ticket.

I was under the impression that we would have to pay for parking down there, which is understandable I guess in order to make room for the sporties maybe and commercial fishers?

  Just to let you know, for those that didn’t receive the Warning (that’s what the rate scedule was called) the parking passes will also be valid along George Hills Pkwy and Dry Dock Road…No more parking there for free either unless you are a cab…So it is called The Rushbrook Improvement Area? It would be nice if they used some of that money to improve the trail as it is ,was, beautiful to walk down there but now you have to climb over fallen trees. I would love to see them repair those benches that you see the remnants of along there and maybe trim a few of the trees so that you can sit there and enjoy the view for a spell. I usually just climb down and sit on the rocks but then I also venture in and graze on the huckleberries too…Nothing will keep me from those :smiley:

Isnt that trail closed due to falling rocks? I thought that was the reason they wont do anything with it

  No, they had money a couple of years ago to improve the trail but who knows what happened>>  The Trail is Closed sign has been there for  a few years but everyone uses it anyway. As I said, it is a beautiful walk,the scenery is gorgeous but steer clear of “my” huckleberries, please…

I wonder if a couple of people would be allowed to go there and buck up a couple of the fallen trees themselves and clear the way

Yeah I think it was closed because of the danger of falling rocks and debris. I don’t see why a person wouldn’y be allowed to go in and “volunteer” to take out the trees which have fallen over the trail.

The Rotary Club is going to try an fix the trail up check it out here: