Parks around Rupert?

I heard that they have already started taking down slides,swing and other equipment.Where do our younger ones play where do parents take their kids. I believe that they slipped this one by everyone before we had the chance to express our views. I may be wrong so if anyone knows anything for sure…

My wife mentioned this to me earlier. Well, kids can still use playground equipment located at some of the schools. Options are limited, however. I guess you have to buy a swing-set for your little one…

I think a lot of the equipment they have removed has been deemed either unsafe, or just aren’t cool to play on anymore.

What things have been disappearing? From what parks?

Have you looked at some of the equipment in these Tot parks lately? I won’t let my son play anywhere near it, so as far as I’m concerned I won’t be shedding a tear when they remove the stuff.

It’s a shame we can’t afford to replace the equipment and keep these parks up, but this is only a temporary measure. Down the road when the city has it’s financial woes worked out I’m sure we’ll see new stuff go in.


At one time the local service clubs ( Rotary, Lions, etc.) were very involved with buying and maintaining equipment in lots of these parks, this support has fallen off more recently it seems, perhaps they could / should be incouraged to take a more active role in this once again given the City’s position.

As a member of one of those groups you talked about, I would like to say most groups are down with members and need help in bringing in new members.
I like to say this you pay taxes right? were is that money going…!!! we pay the same amount of taxes as In Vancouver and look at what they got! Im sure they dont have curbside garbage pick up, A shitty graveyard… that is embarrassing( I have seen better in Unincorporated cities) less police, fireman, Roads that have more pot holes, a pool that is closed more then its open, a golf course and a camp ground that loose money every year… need I go on…

Dont get me wrong I love Prince Rupert I just wont be leaving my remains in the bog… City needs to deal with the parks. and of course the public could help, with clean up’s maybe in helping in sanding and painting playground equipment (though Im sure the city workers might complain that you are taking away union jobs.) We all live in this town and should all help out, So join a club, take your pick. when equipment is being set up come on down and help out. Take Pride in our town and do what you can do. :smiley:

Yes I agree, we all could and should try and do more, and many things could be different and better. In many ways it seems as though we are going backward in time instead of forwards. The single biggest asset that we have lost recently here in rupert has been the huge number of good people that have moved away in order to find work and are not likely to return even if things get better again, and so many of these people were valuable contributors to this community in so many ways, and it’s difficult for those remaining to fill this void, including the eroding tax base.

I think it might come down to the same thing our Slo Pitch league is going to end up doing this year… maintaining the fields ourselves. Since the city cut down (to almost nothing) for the city fields, we as a league, are going to end up mowing the grass, raking the fields, cleaning up the dugouts and benches, etc etc ourselves. Forming a big work party with at least 5 members of each team will do the trick a few times during the season, and everyone could come out and help before the season starts. That way, the fields will get some attention, since the city has neglected them for a few years.

If we did something like that to the city parks, we could clean them up as well. We wouldn’t be able to build any structures or maintain any playthings (other than a little paint and elbow grease,) ourselves because everything would still need licenced builders, but at least we could clean the parks up and make them safe for kids to run around in.

Lots of discussion around this at work today during a slow few moments. A lot of similar sentiments being echoed by many, also concerns regarding the tennis courts around town as apparently the city has said it will no longer be maintaining them, the future of the golf course and the pending privatization, as well as many other ammenities within the recreation resources which are some of the few things that make life here more liveable. One of the people here suggested that the smaller playground type parks for younger kids with the swingsets, slides etc. be adopted by the people in the local neighbourhoods in which they are located so that the parents and families of those that use them most can help contribute to thier maintanence and supervision. Lots of great ideas coming forward.

create an elective: community rec. where kids are sent into the community to do seasonal stuff and get exposed to trades / maintenance work.

Us Tsimshian are going to manage the parks.


Well I am glad that I put this question and issue out there, it seems like once again we as a community minded people can make an attempt at saving as much as possible. Hoping to hear more regarding this issue and the reality of getting a work group together. Maybe the public works department will loan us what we need to get the job done.