Park on Fredrick St

Elks Tot Park is no more on Fredrick St does anyone know of anyone else whom can put a new one up there. I know there was not much there but the kids played on it they could of least left the swing there. Now our children have no park

I’m getting rather sick of the city spending so much on tourists and stupid useless umbrellas painted like cows, instead of taking care of US…

It just makes me sick to see park after park being torn down…

I’m getting rather sick of the city spending so much on tourists and stupid useless umbrellas painted like cows, instead of taking care of US…[/quote]

I don’t think it’s the city spending money on those.

Who is responsible for park planning and maintenance? Does this fall under Curnes’s responsibilities or some other manager at city hall? Anyone know?

The other problem is with the elementary schools closing we lost playgrounds too.

My kids used the playground at Seal Cove. Now we have nothing…

Maybe the city can provide for free bus fare for kids, so they can go to the Civic Centre and play on the outdoor gym equipment   :astonished:

ARGH… Well why can’t whoever is spending money on those stupid umbrellas, and whatnot, donate SOMETHING towards keeping parks nice and in tact?

Why do the tourists always matter more than the people who live here? They’re here for what, 3 months of the year, and only for hours every week… We’re here 365 days a year…


what happened to the park at Seal Cove and Kanata why couldnt they put up in an diffrent place my kids love that park at Seal Cove to but it was to far for them to go by them selves. We had asked the Royal Purple Ladies because Elks is a part of them they said it was the City that was supposed to be taking care of the park but no they just came and dug out the slide then last week they took the swings now they just took the sign now and they are trying to bury the posts that the swings were on

how about someone finding out whom is responsible and get that question answered

Part of the problem with playground equipment is that the regulations that say what is “safe” is constantly being changed. Equipment that is only a couple of years old falls below the rules and it has to be replaced. This stuff is expensive and service clubs just aren’t as popular as they once were so I’d imagine their budgets are shrinking as well.

And what’s keeping your ass glued to a computer all day?

as I had replyed already we had asked the Royal Purple Ladies they had said the City was supposed to be taking care of it. And as for other Parks I belong to the Moose and we fund raise for the new Items in our Park. Is there any other Organization out there willing to fund a new Park on Fredrick st ????

Wasn’t it the Lions’ Club that put up those umbrellas or the Rotary?  Either way, one of them has to be involved as there aren’t many other groups that are able to attain the funding.  I would give a call to those groups, cross your fingers and hope for the best.  The whole thing sucks as there is hardly anything for kids to do and they keep depleting any options they have to have fun and then bitch when they start wandering around downtown.  :unamused:  It is a sure thing that we need playgrounds more than we need STUPID umbrellas !

Hearing about this makes me sad.  We wonder why kids in Rupert act the way they do.  There isn’t much left for them in town anymore either.

sure it costs money but i put my kids in the programs at the civic center . great way to meet different kids. i was surprised at the small amount of kids signed up for basketball at only $50 for the season too

yea take the kids parks away and build more liqour stores!!!

Here’s a list of phone numbers for city councillors and the Mayor

I seem to remember that there were insurance or safety concerns about all of the aging playground equipment and such, but I also thought that ones at the schools at least were supposed to be replaced.  

Maybe drop them a line or give them a call, ask them about the ongoing demolition of the parks and why none ever seem to get replaced.

Ask if there is a plan to add equipment to those areas of town that have seen their playgrounds ripped out.

They represent you on council, so I would imagine that they are more than happy to take your emails, calls etc and find an answer for you.  

Just wondering, but what about the parents getting together and arranging some sort of “Playground Fundraiser”, maybe in the spring?  You could ask the Rotary or the Lions Club to assist you, have a BBQ (sometimes Overwaitea or Safeway donate to causes) and invite the Press. Just an idea but worth a thought and you would know then that you had done something to TRY and remedy a bad situation for your kids !! I would still try my original idea, call the Lions Club, great group !  I respect your post Podunkian but Council is busy with more important issues, right  ?  :unamused:  :unamused:

There seems to be a trend of dismantling community resources in small pieces. Frederick St tots park, Gone. Bus shelter opposite post office, Gone. Citizens health advisory ctte, Gone.

No discussion with stakeholders or even by the elected council is apparent before decisions are made, as if they are made behind the scenes by mayor and an all powerful administration.

The Mussallem era is turning into a pretty grim time in city history. 

Well perhaps they are, but hey, it’s the little things that can define what they accomplish and what people perhaps remember.

Regardless, they are elected by the people, thus they should be receptive to any inquires that the great unwashed feel should be addressed.

And everyone likes to get mail don’t they, I know I enjoy the frequent opportunities to increase my wealth from formerly unknown partners in Africa…  :|