how many think shes goin platnum? HAHA omg

Well lets see, how many girls want to be just like her… you know somebody famous because of their parents achievements and the fact they can fuck and suck dick on tape… My bet is it will be quite popular.  No I didnt watch it yet I will comment again when i get home :wink:

If shes naked on the album cover… (or almost nude), I’m sure she can sell alot of records.  I watched the video but I dont have sound on this comp.  OH HEY! is it just me, or did she just get bigger boobs?  She must have taken Britiney’s advise on popularity.

Listened to the first 10 seconds, it will be “popular” just like britney spears/all the american idol “stars”. If american idol has taught us anything its that people will buy anything so long as they think its cool.

Is Paris Hilton still relevant in some way? I thought she’d be ten minutes ago already.

Washed up celebs should be assigned a traffic cop … “Move along folks, nothing to see here.”

$10 says she uses voice enhancement

I like this line written above the video:

oh for sure man… most pop stars do use voice enhancements… they arnt as horrible as rap stars but still pretty bad…

Dude, I’m pretty sure that most professional singers use all sort of effects to give them the edge they need these days. On-the-fly pitch-shifting so that they are never out of key, etc…

Everyone does, theres real-time auto tuners that tune your voice while you sing, theres effects where you can record your voice, then tune it after
Everyone has effects added to there voice to thicken it up.  Ive never heard a band in my life that could play like the cd they recorded.
I have a little recording studio myself, i can make a shitty singer sound great.

So why are you looking for a good singer in another thread?

what i hate is when actors try to sing and visa versa…cant they just pick one???

I can’t stand this song. I don’t like it. It’s horrible…blah blah blah…

Catch my drift? It’s fucking terrible.

It’s Paris Hilton for freakin sakes… did you actually expect it to be good?

Its going to be the same as anything else that is out now.

Shelley Duvall did one amazing song “Shelley Duvall - He Needs Me”.  There are many
other instances where actors who also profess in singing that actually do an amazing job of
it.  Well…not that many (especially of the recent) but a good majority of the older actresses
were amazing vocalists. 

No gimmics used here.  One-hundred-percent au naturale!