Parallels Notice?

Fired up my Macbook this morning and my start page wouldn’t render properly. CSS appeared broken, the divs were all over the place.
Opened Firefox, same thing.
At the bottom of the page was this notice:

This page is autogenerated by Parallels® H-Sphere

Any idea WTF this is? Parallels HSphere seems to be hosting software, this is not on my server. Fired up the PC and all was perfectly fine. Went back and restarted the Macbook later, everything worked fine.

paralells I believe is the new name for virtuozzo, dont remember what hsphere is but its a very popular platform… dns error maybe point you to the wrong server?

I think some telus sites use paralells because ive seen the errors there before too.

Yeah check to see what the DNS settings are on each machine. You are probably going through a transparent proxy or something?

I have a couple of VPS boxes that run on parallels.