Pants on Fire

I see the corporate media can no longer sweep the implications of Gordo orchestrating the BC rail sale under the rug ,The Globe, Sun and Province have started reporting on the sale again!!! and the missing emails from Gordos office as a serious issue.
They can no longer avoid it, without losing what little credibilty they have left!

This bit of news just thrills me beyond words, I do hope they find a ruling just for someone as sleezy as Gordo. This kind of good news makes me moist.

This should please you to no end:

Premier ordered to hand over BC Rail emails

Of course, he can still just say they were erased.

Yeah I am sure that he will come up with some BS line and try to avoid having to deal with his move behind closed doors. Maybe he will let one of his less important band of merry men take the fall. I do hope they hold him accountable in the long run. Sleazy individual that he and a few others are should own up to their wheeling and dealings.

I’m still pissed that Bill Bennett didn’t take a fall for his BRIC share fiasco. I know he got caught for insider trading a while after and I hope he took a bath on the stock market. Bastard!

so let me get this straight, Basi gets paid by omnitrax the losing bidder, to give them insider information and his defence is what? the government told me to take the bride to give them insider information and they still lose the bid, and to prove their claim they want every single piece of email between certain government officals and MLA"s at the time this was happening, hmmmmmmmm sounds like if you want to go fishing you throw lots of dynamite into a pond and something will float to the surface no matter how irrelevant it is, next thing you know they will be saying there was a second shredder on the grassy knoll :stuck_out_tongue: