Paintball Season

Just a heads up for those who might not know.  It is Paintball season,  This year is turning out to be one of the best so far.  Lots of new games,  more work done to the field,  with more to come.  And we are averaging 30 to 40 players a weekend. Alot more fun with more people.

For those with kids 12/13 and up,  The Rupert Paintball Collective has taken on a new role of making the sport more of a learning platform than in the past.  It is still an awesome fun sport,  but we are adding a military ranking system.  Members move up in the ranks from Private,  private first class  etc…  by showing team building skills,  leadership skills ( leading a squad ),  good sportmanship,  helping out,  and being prepared for the day to name a few.  Moving up in the ranks not only gives a sense of pride,  but gives benifits.  The local Paintball supplier has agreed to provide some weekly discounts to different ranks,  rank also allows member to utilise different marker settings,  full auto etc…

But it is not just for kids,  we have a lerge numer of adults who come out to play every weekend  alone or with thier kids. 

Families are encouraged to come out,  even if they are not playing.  we have a fire pit with benches and tables for those who just want to come watch.

I will post details on where to get more info,  and rental packages next post,  incase it is “advertising”

Rental packages can be rented at Good Times Games and Electronics. I believe $50.00  for those of you wanting to try out the sport.

A good starter set of gear for those wanting to play more often can start at around $200.  Shopping around can get some good deals.  That is entry level,  Some spend thousands on gear…

Paintball run from around $16 for a bag of 500 to Around $80  for a box of 2000.

Co2 and Compressed air tank fills run around the $5 or $6  mark.

** MIg or other Admins**

Feel free to move this post if you think it is advertising.  Not my store though,  Just trying to promote the sport,  THNX

So its cheaper to buy 4 bags of 500?

You passed grade 8 math eh…awesome.

I think I learned that in grade 3, maybe I picked it up a bit faster then you.


Just a different range of what yo would pay,  some 5oo round bags go for $25+.

If you learned it in grade three wtf did you ask the question…do the math and you can see it obviously is billy 2 squid…

Not to defend Billy or anything, but I think he asked the question because he was surprised that 4 bags of 500 was cheaper than the one box of 2000.  Usually it would be cheaper to buy the larger box.

Very true…

At Homesteaders a 2000 round case of their cheap paint costs around $60  :-D