Paint Ball Easter weekend info and poll

We will be playing on one of these days to be posted after the poll.  Here is the weather link.

Paintball over Easter should be using Roman rules of engagement…

no guns, just whips and chains and such…

I would think those would be reserved for the party afterwards

So have we figured out what day we r gonna play??

Well I have to make a call but our paint and air guy will not be there,  so we either load up on Friday or play friday.  I’ll call and post details.  Who is up for friday play?

OK, Friday it is.  Nuff said.  Start time?  I say, because the possibility of lots showing up, and the fact that it is a long weekend,(for those who have significant others that try their hardest to take up all our spare time by making us do things on the weekend) I think an earlier start would be the best.  That way we can get a solid day of play in and not just a couple of games.  I would like to go through at least a bag of paint this time.  Of course in Matt’s case, only one shot is needed.  But I feel more will show up.  I would not oppose to a 10:00am start.  If we make this into a bigger game, the play times will be longer.
Let’s see what others say?

Yeah friday works for me and what ever time dose not matter 10 works I will be there!!

  Of course in Matt’s case, only one shot is needed.  [/quote]

Matt must be a pretty good shot.  Must be :imp: He never does go through a bag of paint,  and play three times as much as you. BTW,  hows your wrist feeling???

For those of you who want to try paint ball, I will be bringing out 4 of my spare guns. Not the best guns but they do just fine for beginners.
So all you have to do is buy air $6  and Paint $15.  Just PM me and let me know to hold one for you.  There might be a few more people bringing out gun for people to use as well.

After a few phone calls it is a 10 am start time.